Youtube burnout meaning and how to avoid it

youtube burnout meaning and how to avoid it

Youtube burnout meaning and how to avoid it. when I first heard the term YouTube burnout I thought that’ll never happen to me I mean I make videos for a living so what’s one more week what’s the big deal but I’ve learned that YouTube burnout is a real thing so let’s talk about it let’s talk about why you get it if you have it and what you can do about it if you don’t know me my name is Jen Jagger I make videos to help other people make better videos I am a professional video production company called plum productions in South Florida

 I have this YouTube channel where I talk about creating better videos coming up with content and growing your YouTube channel if that sounds good to you hit the subscribe button and while we’re talking about subscribing I cannot believe I’m almost at 10,000 subscribers I can’t believe it thank you to everyone who’s been with me for the past couple years and I look forward to the next 10,000 in the next hundred thousand hopefully

but anyway thanks for being here so let’s talk about that YouTube burnout you know typically people get burned out for one of two reasons they’re either you know creating a lot of content and not seeing the results they’re getting frustrated when they were super excited to start that YouTube channel and then they realize it’s kind of hard and they’re not getting anywhere with it and they’re feeling burned out and they’re ready to give up the other type of burnout is when you are experiencing success

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