your device is not secure – how to fix it

your device is not secure

your device is not secure – how to fix it. if you’re like most people you probably.think that your phone is just with your measly 4 digit passcode.and I mean it’s understandable there’s.10,000 possible combinations what are.the odds that someone could possibly.just guess it and get in your phone.right but you’re thinking about it all.wrong in this video we’re gonna talk.about why you should really make PIN code significantly longer I.

would say probably at least 6 digits or.more and we’ll go into why first of all.let’s address that argument that it’s.extremely unlikely for anyone to be guess your passcode so what’s the.point of having a longer one and that is.true it is very very unlikely probably.impossible for anyone like a thief or.some random person to just go in and.guess your passcode plus I know that iOS.and I believe Android has something.your device is not secure

similar there are countermeasures built.into the phone that prevent someone from.trying to brute-force it with the.passcode and is trying a bunch of.passwords for example I know in iOS.there are delays built-in so the more.times you type in an incorrect passcode.the bigger the delay is between the next.time you can try a passcode I know it.goes to like an hour plus and I think.just expands exponentially and even.further I know with iOS and I believe in.some manufacturer phones for Android.your device is not secure

there’s the ability to have it set so if.someone types in the passcode like 10.times wrong in a row then it will.completely wipe the phone so that way.even if a thief does try to they won’t really have a chance.they’ll have literally a 1000 chance on.a four-digit code to even get in but my.argument for this video is that the.point of having a longer password is prevent someone from just guessing’s kind of like the same thing with.computers it’s not like you have a long.your device is not secure

complex password to prevent someone from.just trying to log into your account.guessing the passcode no there are other.avenues where a longer password is resist other attempts for example a.much more likely scenario is that.someone is going to be looking over your.shoulder watching you enter the passcode.and a longer one will make it a lot.harder to remember I mean this could be.not just a thief but some random person.I don’t know co-worker a friend who.might just want to find out your.your device is not secure

passcode and then mess with you and.prank you or whatever or actually spy who knows.and if they watch you type in a.four-digit passcode then it’s probably.not that hard to even if they can’t.remember it completely exactly and see.what you did they can probably guess.based on where your finger moves and if.they watch you do it a couple times they.can probably very easily figure out what.your passcode is if it’s just four.digits but if you make it six digits or.more that just makes it more try and remember if they try to spy.on you and they might not even expect be six digits so they might look out.over four and then kind of be thrown off.because it’s six and it’ll just make it.harder and here’s something else to.

consider which is that there are a lot.of different services out there that.require a pin to be specifically four.digits anything from a bank code like a.debit pin to a garage door opener video game payment pins stuff like.that.all of these require usually a.four-digit pin so if everything requires.the same type of pin it’s very use the same one for everything so’re using the same pin on your everything else that could be a big.issue because if you are using the for everything then if any of are compromised then they’re.gonna figure out the pin to everything.else and if you’re carrying your phone.around all day that’s probably more.likely that someone just randomly walk.around the street watching you is able to get your PIN and these some extreme examples like maybe.someone watches you type in your and then snatches your wallet and.then goes and uses the same pin on your.debit card and lo and behold it’s the.

right one or maybe you’re at the.checkout and you’re using your debit.card and they see you type in a pin and.then they I don’t know mug you for and they have that as well and.yeah I know those are probably really.unlikely scenarios but it doesn’t be some thief watching you and.stealing your PIN may be one of gets compromised like one of.the weaker ones that you are using all.your pins for and you use it on.something not very important which then.doesn’t have a lot of security it gets.stolen and then it does get opened up.for a lot of things but my real is that if you have a longer pin.

code on your phone it’s going to to have one that is different from.everything else obviously if you six digits it’s not going to be the.same as a four digit one unless of.course you know you just truncate it and.use the four digits and just.add on something for the phone but that.way if someone does figure out all your.other pins then they can’t get into now I’ve been using six digit an example but I believe most phones.will allow you to have it pretty much as.long as you want for a numeric pin’s another option instead of just.using a numeric pin you could actually.

use an alphanumeric password so it.actually pops up the whole keyboard might think well what the heck is.that that’s just gonna be so annoying.but maybe not necessarily if you think.about it first of all you might not have.even realized that a lot of phones to use now for numeric password for.the unlock but you can and also they’re.going to be much much more secure for.several reasons first of all instead of.having 10 possible values per digit.which is 0 through’re gonna have 36 because you’re.gonna have 10 digit numbers and then 26.letters in the alphabet.that’s 36 so the total number of.combinations for however long the pin going to be 36 ^ the length meaning.theoretically you could actually have a.significantly shorter pin that’s.alphanumeric that is actually stronger.than a longer numeric pin for example have a four-digit regular number pin.that is going to be 10,000 combinations.but if you have a four digit.alphanumeric pin that’s 36 to the fourth.power and that is going to be one point.six million combinations I mean even a.

three digit alphanumeric pin would have.46,000 possible combinations so even.that would be more secure theoretically.than a four digit numeric pin now.obviously I would not recommend either.way having one that short because even.if it is alphanumeric if it’s only three.digits and someone is watching you in it’s probably pretty easy to.remember just three digits even if it is.alphanumeric so you still probably make it longer I’m just trying to.make a point but here’s another.advantage of having letters and the passcode and that is that if.someone is indeed spying on you which i.think is probably the most likely.scenario for someone stealing your pin.code is someone just watching you in if they see a keyboard pop up and.then you type that in they might not.even realize that you’re typing in the.unlock code because so few people have.that if they’re waiting for you to the pin code they’re probably waiting.for that.a number pad to pop up so if they see a.keyboard pop up they might not even.realize that’s what you’re typing in and.not be paying attention until it’s too.late and then you realize wait a minute.oh they were typing a code and then they.missed look I understand that with face ID.and fingerprint sensors mostly being.used to unlock phones these days it is.going to be pretty unlikely for a even have the opportunity to see you.your device is not secure

type in your passcode but that also is a.two-edged sword because yeah it’s.unlikely that you’re gonna actually type in your password well then you even more reason to make it.longer if you don’t have to type it in.that often well you may as well have the.more secure one that and if you really.want to get into pretty unlikely.scenarios there’s even that company gray.key which is used by a lot of law.enforcement for a while they had a.device that theoretically they claimed.would be able to unlock any iPhone with.a passcode within like 24 hours even was like six digits now Apple did.

release an update that would basically.disable the USB port altogether so this.type device would not be able to be used.and make it useless but you never know.if they’re gonna have some sort of other.exploit that will take advantage say and.bypass this and it’s always been have a longer password in every if you’re still using a four-digit.passcode by now I urge you to at least.make it six digits it’ll make your phone.a lot more secure and if you’re really.willing to make it secure then use an.alphanumeric passcode and these change this type of passcode is gonna.

be in your settings I’m sure you can.find it on both Android and iOS they’re.pretty straightforward and then you’ able to select the type of passcode.whether it’s alphanumeric four-digit pin.or longer so I would like to know how.long you guys passwords are do you still.use a four-digit one I do actually.believe that if you have a new iPhone.they require six digits I’m not sure.about that but if you’ve been using an.iPhone forever and it just kind of.carries over it might not but if you are.using four digits then let me know why.or if you’re someone is just and you do use alphanumeric know

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