You can do this good things to your dog

You can do this good things nto your dog

You can do this good things nto your dog. Having a dog as your co-pilot can be both challenging and rewarding. Not to mention it’s nice to always have a close pal nearby to hang out with. This week we put together 11 awesome dog hacks to help give your puppy booboo a better life and make things easier on you. Let’s go fetch them! If your dog is a fan of toys, then you know they can add up in price pretty quick Especially if they have the tendency to destroy them grab yourself an empty water bottle that’s size appropriate for your little dog Squeeze the bottle in just a bit and put the lid back on to keep it lopsided and prevent it from being crushed Completely this will make a nice alluring crinkle sound that dogs love Now just grab an old fluffy sock or a new one if that’s what you’d prefer And put the water bottle inside you’ll want to tie off the sock to leave this little extra room inside as possible You can even consider cutting off the excess if you wish when you’re done just toss it to your pooch and give them something to Do for a little while also keep in mind that if your dog has a problem destroying human clothing

You might want to try hiding the water bottle inside something else So they don’t worsen them If your dog eats too fast from time to time it can lead to an upset stomach If you can’t always be there to monitor their eating habits then try this Place a ball in the bowl to cut off their full access to the kibble This will force them to move the ball around to Get to the food and in theory slow them down Another method to slow your fast eater is to use a muffin tin to spread out all the dog food It’s cheaper than one of those maze bowls you can find at the store and if you want to turn it into a game

You can cut old tennis balls in happen cover up each cup It’ll leave your hound with a small challenge to work around that sure to slow them down while also entertaining them to get that brain firing on all cylinders Fleas can strike it anytime even if you stay on top of a treatment plan it can still happen Here’s a tried and tested homemade flea Shampoo that you can make in minutes to squash that flea problem Start off with a measuring cup and grab a bottle of jar to mix everything Pour half a cup of water into your container and follow it up with four tablespoons of Dawn Dish soap.

When that’s done add four tablespoons of white vinegar and mix it all together inside the container now comes the fun part applying it to your dog Make sure you protect their eyes as soap and vinegar isn’t very pleasant in your eyes Trust me. work up a nice lather as the dish soap will help kill any fleas and with Vinegar will help repel them Let your dog sit with the lather built up for about five minutes. while you wait you can run a Fine-tooth comb through their fur and get any dead fleas out or even living one then just dry your dog as usual letting them get Back to their normal antics, but without the flea bite. even the most well trained dogs can have the occasional accident

But you can quickly get rid of that stain and smell leaving your carpet as good as new first things first laud up any liquid that you can with the paper towel now sprinkle a bit of baking soda on top of the stain and let It sit while you prepare this recipe Just mix half a cup of hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of liquid dish soap Once you’ve mixed it all up you can use it right from the container or add it to a small spray bottle to keep on Hand for the next time something happened Apply the liquid to the spot directly onto the baking soda and scrub back and forth until the stiains lifts off completely. this will also work great for other household stains So keep it nearby for any other mishaps around the house in the past we’ve shown you how to make a pet gravity waterer using wine bottles and zip ties But we were inspired by an even cooler water dispenser on Chris Notap ‘s YouTube channel you’ll find a link to their in depth video In the description here’s how it works start with a piece of scrap wood it can be square or circular Find a piece of 2×4 Roughly the length of a recycled soda bottle now attach it to [one] edge of the baseboard with wood glue and then let it dry Before fastening all together with two screws the trick here is using a curved 2-liter soda bottle or one that’s similar in shape then Secure it with a four inch PVC coupler You’ll need to use a hacksaw or Angle grinder to cut out about an inch off the coupler this openings Not only going to make it easier to drill two screws through the coupler in 2x4s But it turns the coupler into a bottle hole place a large bowl on the baseboard and simply slide a two-liter bottle filled with water Into the dispenser carefully twist off the cap and allow the bowl to fill with water on its own It’ll stop dispensing water once the level reaches the bottleneck open your furry friend will be sure to enjoy a constant supply of water without you having to worry about filling up the bowl nearly as often maybe it’s Muddy out or perhaps your dog just has a tendency to [inaudible] dirt, so whether it’s after a walk or just a backyard romp It’s a good idea to take care of those dirty paws before they step foot in the house Try this simple solution grab yourself a small sport bottle filled to the top of water and keep it nearby while the dogs go rampage When it’s time to go in pop off the lid and dip those dirty paws in for a micro Foot bath when you’re done, just dry them off and let’s sparky go back to business as usual it can sometimes be difficult to get your dog to take its Medication you can purchase expensive tool pockets or you can make your own with stuff you already have laying around Start with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter 1 tablespoon of milk and 2 tablespoons of flour in small Bowl Just mix everything into a bowl and knead it around mixing the ingredients Together to form a nice thick dough what you create after that is up to you but I suggest working the dough into a small easily edible ball once you have your dough all formed out to your Specification simply insert the pill inside and cover it back up These don’t take long to make and you can safely keep them in the fridge for up to a week

So if your pooch is fighting back when it comes to medicine hour give this a try and they’ll never be the wiser my dog doesn’t always follow its thirst and sometimes needs a helping hand to cool down Here’s a couple ways to chill out your dog and keep them happy first off is an old favorite the pup single This is a fairly simple treat to make and will definitely keep your dog entertained while cooling them down at the same time just get An ice Cube tray and slowly fill each cubby with beef or chicken stock now It’s really important to note the ingredients as you want to avoid things like onions go for the most baseline ingredients and keep your pooch Safe once you have the tray filled up get some plastic wrap and player it over the top now this part is optional But dog loves grab a knife or some scissors and poke a small hole Over each cubby can put a small dog treat aside using the plastic keep it centered and upright Once you have all the slots filled just toss it in the freezer for few hours these will keep for awhile So on the next [inaudible] day just bust out a pup-sicle and put it on a plate for your dog to enjoy while cooling them Down at the same time. It’s almost like a little puzzle for them They’ll definitely get their brain working to figure out how to get that treat out in the middle as for another quick way to cool Down the dog on a hot day.

 What about a water bed? you can spend lots of money buying a cooling mat for your dog or you can just spend a few bucks at the store and Buy an inflatable raft take your raft outside and lay it in a spot that avoids direct sunlight You want this thing to keep cool you’re going to need an air pump attachment for this part to keep things But get your garden hose and plug the air hose directly into the outlet I added a bit of duct tape to make sure that it holds tight plug the adapter into the air nozzle of the raft and On the water make sure to keep it at a low level of [inaudible]

 it might pop off otherwise This is going to take a few minutes But the beauty is that you really only have to do it once per season as long as the raft is placed in a shady area it’ll retain a nice cool temperature which makes it the perfect place for your dog to have a break and cool down if you Have a large dog with huge claws make sure that you get a vessel that can withstand their weight and will resist puncture That’s all there is to it a quick and simple $3 cooling bed if you’re tired of dealing with the dog food bag There’s a great way to store your kibble while keeping it fresh and easier to hold just go through your cupboard and liberate an old Cereal container there’s no need to pay for an expensive Kibble Holder when these can be snatched up for a buck or two just transfer the contents of the bag right into the plastic housing And seal it up until it’s mean not only is it’s going to make it easy to fill a Bowl But it’s also going to keep ants out and make it super easy to pack a travel bag for your pup So kick that bulky food bag to the curb and top off your dog dish with ease Sometimes your little [inaudible] might need to stay in one room while you clean or if you’re moving things around There’s no need to spend top dollar on a dog date or baby Pee grab a couple tension rods that you’d use for hanging curtains You can use them to prop up a towel or better yet a feature to your curtains Just weave the Rod through the fabric and mount it into the door frame most dogs won’t test Barrios And you want to make sure that you put it at the right height So your dog’s unable to jump over one last important note Make sure you shut off the other exit of the room where your sneaky pooch might pull a [inaudible] Thanks for tuning in we probably missed a ton of these so let us know your favorite dog hacks in the comment also be sure To check out this video for more interesting money-saving tips and tricks hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss what we have coming next   

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