Women’s health during periods | deal with prolong periods

Women's health during periods
Women’s health during periods

Women’s health during periods. A longer period is a very real problem faced by many women, and we are here to help you overcome this problem. It represents this number by a period of over 7 days or by a strong flow where you have to change your swab or swab every hour. We also know this as menorrhagia and unfortunately is widespread. Many things can cause this, some of which are endometriosis, Jewish side effects, or hormonal imbalances. If you are someone who is struggling with this, be sure to talk to your doctor because we can treat most of the current cases.

 Here are some tips to guide you through a long week. Try switching from tampons and tampons to menstrual cups! If you get used to them, they can change your life because they collect more blood and can be used for up to 12 hours depending on blood flow. They are completely leaked-proof even when worn properly.

Better yet, they are made of soft silicone and can be reused for up to 10 years, so you need not spend money to buy more sanitary napkins and tampons to manage your extraordinary periods! If your mind is constantly leaking and stained, try using underwear for periods where your menstrual blood is immediately absorbed and that can be washed and used again and again.

You can also use it with bandages or tampons for longer breaks! If you don’t have an XL swab and need something to keep you awake at night, just use 2 pads of the correct length and overlap with your underwear. So, you can make incredible long swabs that ensure that you look like a crime scene without waking up! For this unfortunate event, wear a jacket or extra clothes in a comfortable place where your clothes will be colorful.

Just tie it around your waist to find a simple and elegant solution to guide you throughout the day! Instead of giving up and throwing your favorite pants when the color is inevitable, rinse with cold water to remove as many stains as possible, and mix baking soda with a little cold water to form a thick paste and arrange it to sit on the site one night.

Then just wash as usual and your underwear will be damaged! Create a funny period kit and keep it in your pocket to handle this extended cycle and unexpected aunt flow visits! Fill with some bandages, tampons, and tights, a pair of extra underwear, plastic bags for storing colored underwear, pain relievers for cramps and wet tissues that you will always have when needed! Regular training has been proven to regulate the duration and duration of menstruation and help reduce cramps!

If you feel uncomfortable going to the gym during this month, just take a walk or try some yoga exercises that help relieve menstrual pain, such as B. a happy baby pose or a fish pose. Long or difficult periods of time means that your body can receive a large amount of iron blood loss. To apply makeup, you can take iron pills several days before and during menstruation. Eat with a small glass of orange juice because vitamin C increases the absorption of iron in your body!

 If your menstrual period is longer than 10-12 days or if you have several strokes per hour, contact your doctor for prescription hormonal contraception. They help you adjust the beginning and end of your period and also help with the strong flow! We hope these tips will help you get along a little and stay the next time

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