Winter backpacking must haves

winter backpacking must haves

Winter backpacking must haves. if you’re the type of backpacker that is usually going out and leave one season out of the four or maybe three out of the four seasons a year you’re definitely missing out on that fourth season in this video right here we want to talk a little bit about layering systems and some of the things that are getting tweaked so that we can go into the backcountry in that fourth season so we’re just about ahead out on the trail or taking a few of the guys here in the office out to test out some work here but I just wanted to kind of highlight that here on the table you can kind of see some of these things

this is the stuff I’ll be wearing about snowshoes I’ve got my trekking poles make sure you get those snow baskets on their gloves and then I’ve got a jacket out here then we’re going to dive into the layering specific things a little bit later but just so that you know also my pack weight here has changed a little bit typically I’m running about a 10 base weight with an overall total pack with 20 pounds or less when I’m loaded with water and food but on this particular trip I’m coming in more about 15 pounds before water food fuel things like that they’re about 22 pounds with two and a half liters of water so there definitely are things that can be changed and you’re going to be adding

a little bit of weight but you can still come in at a really really light weight overall system and still have a great kind of doing this so join us as we go onto this video we break down exactly what layering systems we’re using why we’re using them and how you can stay super comfortable when you’re out in that work season [Music] something you’ll need to factor in while winter backpacking is that a lot of the roads they use during the summer or other seasons won’t be open in the winter

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