Why online dating is dangerous

why online dating is dangerous
why online dating is dangerous

Why online dating is dangerous. You know, the question all online daters ask themselves as they swipe right is, “Is this person who they say they are?” And we’ve all heard online dating horror stories. But Acacia’s story was far beyond a bad date. I just don’t understand how a human being can turn around and hurt so many people like that.

I scammed her out of thousands of dollars. And the worst part? She wasn’t the only victim. Reporter: Wilson Jackson targeted single women on social media and on dating sites, luring them with dinners and promises of a relationship. So now let’s hear from the woman who lived through it. ♪♪ ♪♪ Thanks so much for sitting down with us.

Why don’t you start by telling us where you are in your life at this point? I am a veteran. I was in the Air Force for nine years, and I have two Master’s degrees — one in business and one in psychology. I’m very well-traveled throughout the world, experiencing lots of different people and cultures. What got you into online dating? Well, I just kind of had a rough holiday, and so I was just open to the idea, and he had contacted me on social media and we had mutual friends.

So, I just kind of felt comfortable. Did you know what his job was? Yeah, so, his story is that he owns this solar energy company. I just was logic, he has a job. He just made me feel comfortable. Did you Google him? Uh, no. Not. I did not Google him. And what were all the things you liked about him? 

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