Why does my plant have brown tips

why does my plant have brown tips

Why does my plant have brown tips. hello everybody welcome back to my channel and welcome to the second official episode of the daily plants plant clinic and in this series plant clinic I look at my plants that need some help and I also diagnose your plans and help you through whatever problems you might be experiencing at home today’s episode will be just a little bit different because I really wanted to address some business first so that we know what to expect from this series moving forward and also I wanted to do something a little bit fun which is a house plant autocomplete challenge

 that is where I will enter onto my computer down here questions that people oftentimes have about house plants and I will answer them so I’m interested to see what kind of questions I will find I have not looked ahead of time at the things I’m going to be google searching so it will be interesting to see what kinds of questions people are asking out there but before we get into that I wanted to do just a little bit of a announcement corner correction corner does anybody watch my favorite murder because they have about like 30 minutes every single episode at the beginning where they are like announcement corner merch Corner correction corner all of these things

 I’m not turning into that but I did want to address some things from my last video because it was my first ever plant clinic video and there were a lot of questions and a lot of constructive criticism which I am very very happy to receive as long as it is kind and everybody was very very kind so thank you guys I read all of the comments and I was able to get a really good idea of what you guys want to see going forward in this series and also just some ideas to make it better

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