When you’re tired but food is life

food is life
food li life

when you’re tired but food is life. If you’re a real foodie, you know there’s nothing better than an ice-cold, delicious ice cream bar. Hey Vicky, want a taste? Woah! That’s way more than a taste, girl! One thing’s for sure: if you love food, you don’t always love to share. Whether you eat to live or live to eat, one big question remains: Are you a real foodie? If you love food and social media, you’ll definitely relate to this.

 Like to spend hours every day looking at food on Instagram? Oh man, that melted cheese is absolutely divine. Whoops! Drooled, there. Wow! Look at that melted chocolate! Unbelievable. Hey! Can I have a bite? When asking for a bite of someone’s cake, you may want to specify how big of a bite you want… One bite comin’ right up! You practically need glasses to see that thing! Mmm, pretty good. When you’re really hungry, it’s easy to scarf a meal down like it’s your last. And unbuttoning your pants feels like a must! Man, I feel so full! Oh no, I forgot I ordered dessert! Every foodie knows you never waste food… Think Emily can find some extra room in that belly for a sweet treat? Maybe I can just enjoy the smell… Okay, just one bite. …

And we’re eating it all, aren’t we. Man, this is so delicious! Don’t forget the leftover cream there! Wah! I must’ve fallen asleep watching that movie. Wait a sec, hear that? I think someone’s in the house? Be brave, Sophia, go see what’s up. What do I do when I get in there? A pillow won’t protect me! Ooh, this could do some damage. That’s it. I’m going in! What’s all this? Chocolate? Ice cream? What? Who is that? Hey! What are you doing in here?! Huh? Oh no, you found me. Just had a little sugar craving, see? If you’re a foodie, you know a trip to the grocery store is the best part of the week. Ooh! Look at all these treats! But perhaps the trickiest part is putting the groceries away… (when you’re tired but food is life)

Since they often take a pit stop in your mouth… See what I mean? Chocolate spread is a staple in Olivia’s kitchen! Yup, she’s going right in with the spoon. No shame in her food game! Wow, need a water break, girl? That’s a whole lot of dip! Good thing you remembered to buy more bread. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. This is the perfect warm-up snack before lunch-time. Hey, looks like there’s still a little more spread left in there. Yep, you just ate an entire jar of Nutella. An entire jar. Yet you somehow feel the need to get every last bit with your fingers. Having some chocolate milk, are we? Mmm, that’s the stuff. Geez, is that slurping really necessary? Sorry. Okay, just a little more left… How am I supposed to get work done with you doing that? Emily sure is determined to finish every last drop! Ever cut open a carton to get every last bit of sweet, tasty goodness? Ah, there it is. (when you’re tired but food is life)

That’s it, I’m working from home. Nothing like a passive aggressive sign to keep roommates out of your leftovers. Ooh! Who’s cake is this? Ugh, must be Sophia’s. Oh man, it’s still here! Should I do it? I couldn’t, could I? Okay, you can do this. Oh wow, that cake was so good. Next step? Leave the scene of the crime. What?! Where’s my cake?! They had the audacity to leave little pieces?! This has Vicky written all over it. Lunch has arrived! Grab a slice! Woah! I guess this piece is goin’ in the trash. Wait! Don’t ever throw away a perfectly good piece of pizza. No one ever died from a little dirt. Mmm! Totally worth it. Man, I love lunch. This restaurant is great, you’ll love it.

 Ooh, that looks delicious. Hello? Hey! Lemme step outside for a sec hold on. You should always wait for a friend to begin eating, but sometimes that can feel like torture. Wonder who Emily’s even talking to anyway. But having just “one fry” is a slippery slope. Yep, she’s goin’ all in. Maybe Emily won’t notice? Um, she’ll definitely notice if the entire meal is gone! Way to have self control, Olivia… Hey! Where’d my lunch go?! Oh ya…hey want this last piece, here? Well, if you aren’t gonna eat it… AH! Who ate my birthday cake?? I will kill whoever did this! I didn’t even get a bite! That’s it, I’m getting down to the bottom of this! Let’s see, I’ll start in the fridge. The box is still here… You’ve got to be kidding me! Who ate the last piece? Oh boy, this is really bad! Okay, where is my emergency chocolate stash? No! It’s completely gone! Gah! Looking for this, Olivia? How could you?! So chocolatey! Woah! Wait, was that all just a nightmare? There’s only one way to know for sure. My cake! Oh thank goodness, my sweet baby is okay! Since I’m up, I may as well eat it. Oh man, I feel so much better. Alright foodies, after watching these horrors, you could use some laughs! Check out these deliciously hilarious bloopers! If you know a fellow foodie who could relate, be sure to share this video with them! And don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO’s YouTube channel for more yummy videos like this one!  

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