What to do on a first date with a girl

what to do on a first date with a girl

What to do on a first date with a girl. welcome back the time now is 644 we are just days away from Valentine’s Day and last week we took a look at the world of matchmaking but all the blind dates in the world won’t find you love if you don’t know what to do on that very first date so I talked to a matchmaker about some of the biggest mistakes she sees her clients make she smokes new cigarette he wants a nonsmoker Kourtney Quinlan’s matchmaking company sets up around five to ten first dates a day we always do cocktails or coffee that way if there’s no chemistry they’re not stuck there we like to recommend like 45 minutes and at the end of each date her clients rate the date and provide feedback she said he was nice engaged flexible with me being late they interrupted occasionally if Quinlin see is a reoccurring issue she lets her clients know if we hear it from like

three four or five people oh he talked about his ex that’s a problem and we don’t want him to renew we want him to find the right person so we’ll contact him and say hey we have got some feedback are you open to hearing it but sometimes Quinlin says people need more than a quick chat this is just one of the reasons she offers one-on-one coaching maybe they put their careers or professions first or just for really big introverts and never had the courage to approach somebody or just from really small towns whatever their situation is

they don’t have a lot of dating experience we also have people who married their highschool sweetheart and have never dated as an adult or people who were married a really long time and it’s been 20 years since they’ve dated so there’s so many different dynamics dynamics like what to wear I always recommend to women hair down makeup a little heavier than you would normally wear keep it simple keep it classy for men a nice shirt and a pair of jeans is fine I do recommend a dress shirt they don’t recommend t-shirts and baggy jeans or sweatshirts

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