What exercise is best for losing weight at home

what exercise is best for losing weight at home

What exercise is best for losing weight at home. I really should girl fashion and you’re watching fashion television so you know that we all have the new year’s resolution to get snatched okay to lose weight and to be just overall healthy so I’m going to give you five tips to help you jump-start your weight loss this work for me this is working for me okay all over again because in the beginning if you’ve been following me for some time you know the first time I lost 40 around like 40 between 40 to 45 pounds okay years ago about four or five years ago and now a gateway had a had a son he’s four years old I lost 25 pounds

alright so I lost the weight again but the thing is consistency okay we need to be consistent babies we need to be consistent so if you want to hear my tips if you want to join me in my self-love if my health and my weight loss journey then keep on watching okay okay so I took some notes all right so I’m gonna be looking down at my notes because I don’t want to leave anything out for you all I want us to just grow together I want you all to grow as an individual I want you all to know that you can do it like literally y’all you can do it all right we just have to be disciplined in which I pray for discipline

every single day I pray for – I prayed to be consistent every single day I know it’s just struggle but we have to push through we have to think about our goals our lifetime goals our lifelong goals and just we also have to take it step by step by step and day by day all right so if you if you like up um if you just like up today or tomorrow or if you like damn I shouldn’t have ate that please just enjoy what you ate and start right back over and get back right into it all right just get back right into it all right don’t be the thing is I don’t want you on to beat yourself up beat yourself up I don’t want you all to feel guilty about consuming food

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