What does bmw scheduled maintenance include

what does bmw scheduled maintenance include

What does bmw scheduled maintenance include. welcome back to exotic our plate place everybody thanks for joining in again today I’m going to share with you guys five of the key maintenance items that you need to take care of to keep your beautiful BMW on the road and keep it reliable the dealer tells you a million things that you need to maintain but the reality is there’s five major areas that you really need to focus on then as well at the end of the video if you stick around I’m going to share with you one key ingredient that’s ultra important for those turbo owners and you really need to focus in on this

it will keep your car running for many years reliably so there’s lots of rhetoric out there there’s lots of forums filled with comments and people commenting that BMWs are ultra unreliable that never ever should you own one on a warranty they are going to break the bank break my wallet that is in fact true in some cases however many of these situations can be easily avoided by taking care of some basic maintenance features I’m going to give you five of the key ones that are very important because they’re the ones that going to keep your car on the road

a little bit of maintenance goes a long way with these cars but how much is too much it’s a lot of the maintenance schedules that you find in the owners manual are based on revenue generation it’s a dealer thing did you know that most dealers do not make their money on the sale of the car they make their money on the five ten fifteen years down the road when that car has to come back for maintenance and repairs there are problem areas and there are engines and particular models that do have significant chronic problems however a lot of these issues can be sorted with some basic

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