What are the most common fitness goals?

what are the most common fitness goals

What are the most common fitness goals? what’s up guys so today’s video I’m gonna help you to reach your health and fitness goals this year with some brand new tips that I have to share but first I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into my new morning routine these are a few new things that I’ve been doing lately that I’ve just really changed my life in the smallest ways and that is you know that I like to hydrate before caffeinate so you basically drink your water before your coffee and really quick I wanted to say thank you so much to Nike for sponsoring this video so basically what I’m doing is I actually add electrolytes into the water now and that really helps when you are about to go for a workout to really

make sure that your tissues in your body is properly hydrated like on a cellular level so I drink my electrolyte water and then this is when I really do my hip opening stretches and I breathe and the reason I say breathe in there is because this is painful when you’re stretching and when you’re using the foam roller it’s painful and but we tend to hold our breath because we’re like oh my gosh I’m in so much pain but breathe through it do your hip opening stretches and then I go for a run because I’m training for my first half marathon which you’ll learn more about in the video and real quick this was for my run the other day but let’s hop into my run that

I did at the Nike headquarters which is so sick let’s take a look at that [Music] what’s up baby [Music] we just finished the run if you have fun yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] guys it’s a new year you have new goals you want to become a new person you don’t want to say the same you don’t want to be stagnant I hear you I want to help you not feel stuff these are some brand new things that I’ve been learning and

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