Weight loss meal plan ideas

weight loss meal plan ideas

Weight loss meal plan ideas, hi and sell here from beyond expectations in this video I’ll be discussing how to eat healthy and the cost of eating healthy and still being able to feed your family now I’m going to read out the question and then I’ll give you my answer and it goes like this how do you afford to eat that much and still feed your family healthy – Thank You Tasha for your question this is a fantastic question and I’m going to reveal to you how I’m able to eat healthy

how I’m able to also provide healthy meals for my family and also I’m going to answer the question of the biggest mistake a lot of people make now moving forward how am I able to eat that much and also to eat healthy now the simple answer to that is I prepare a lot of my meals in advance and I’m able to buy in bulk so I generally buy all my whole foods in bulk buy large quantities I cook it all up and I have it ready pre-prepared ready to go and my actual food bill is very inexpensive because I do that can you ask the question will have it’s impossible well if you actually think about convenient food so for example

 if you go to the service station or takeaway meals those meals and the whole business model is designed around convenience and they are quite often priced at that point let’s go let me give you an example for a bottle of water so for me personally I have a water bottle that I fill up at home and when I’m out I fill up at a water tap

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