Treatment for dry eyes naturally

treatment for dry eyes naturally
treatment for dry eyes naturally

Treatment for dry eyes naturally. Now i know that many people are looking for natural solutions to dry eye treatment, and if you want to hear some insider secrets on how to reduce inflammation and improve dry eye, then this is on na, be the video for you. So don’t miss out hello and welcome. This is dr. Allen. Here from the doctor, i he’ll show helping you learn all about the eyes and vision, and i’m excited today because we’re talking about a topic,

I’m very passionate about which is dry eyes. And i know many people. They’ll be suffering from dry eye syndrome and they’ll be using different kinda types of dry eye treatment, often using medications for the eyes whether that is in the form of eye drops, or maybe they have some other treatment, regimen being treated with their doctor.

Now many people are frustrated using those medications because they can get expensive and they can cause other complications and side effects. So i know many people are looking for some lifestyle change or something else that they can do as a natural treatment to help curb their symptoms for dry eyes.

So i’m excited today to have a friend and colleague who’s in the dry eye space. His name is dr. Travis zigler, and he’s a host on another youtube channel called the dry eye show and a moderator on a facebook community about dry eyes, and i’m excited to have or. Travis zigler here. So dr. Zigler. 

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