Treat woman with respect

Treat woman with respect

Treat woman with respect. What was it you found in writing about some women of the Gospels that stuck out to you, as you were, researching it? The thing I loved about it is when you have these moments where Jesus announced himself. His actual identity for the first time was to the woman at the well he’s been walking around with these guys and they’re all called and they’re all following him and they’re the twelve, but he verbalized for the first time I am the Messiah I am, he Were the words to this woman that no one liked and no one wanted who was by herself and well and then spoiler alert?

You also have that Mary is the one who he announces his resurrection to and the culmination of the three years of ministry and the proof that he was who he said he was been to Mary, and so I don’t think men are elevated over women And I don’t think women are elevated over men, but I love to see he was specific with the women and honoring them and including them. So in the Gospels, when Jesus would do a miracle, it usually took one or two verses and we wanted to explore a little more depth in a little more historical context so we could again experience that miracle through the eyes of the person. Who was blessed by it?

So what did you discover about, for example, the woman who struggled with blood what historically contextually or culturally made that story even more powerful? I think just their interaction, how Jesus acknowledges her courage? First, that she will brave a crowd when she could easily have been shunned. Just the fact that, because of her issue that she would have been quarantined, that she wasn’t even supposed to be in a public place and just and then the shame, so she – and so she thought she could kind of be stealth.

And – and she had the faith that that this you know that she could get healing and Jesus is like. Oh, no, no, we will not do this stuff. We’Re not going to. Do this under the radar. I want to acknowledge your faith and I want to use it as an example for all the surrounding people. I just thought that was just so extraordinary and you see his compassion that he has for women and how yeah he treats them as equals to men, and so that is what we were approaching with the show and with the devotional. Are these people we know a little about?

 How can we put the reader in the minds of those people so that, when they encounter Jesus through the eyes of these people who met him, they can be transformed in the same way?

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