Train your dog in days

Train your dog in days

Train your dog in days. we’ve got a really exciting video today this is the first time I’ve ever had a Shiba Inu and one of my videos I’m gonna be showing you how to get a handle on a lot of your training especially if you have a new puppy in your life we’re gonna be dealing with some of the most common issues that I hear about from new puppy parents become a greater part of our community by liking me on Facebook Linked will be in the description and become a patron on patreon calm / – Zak George – contributions from you are going to allow us to do much more in the coming months to promote free humane training to anyone with an internet connection I’ve had a couple of training sessions already with Riku and Jennifer and Jonathan have done an incredible job why don’t you guys decide to get a Shiba inus we’re both into the Japanese culture and Japan in general did you speak Japanese is that right yeah you knew it’s how you say dogs yeah what does she but you knew mean it’s translation – brushwood dog how do you say dog in your language what have you guys found to be the most challenging so far Jonathan um his play biting is the worst once it goes into that biting it’s hard to get him out of it this is probably one of the most common issues I get emails from every day with with dogs this age it can be really overwhelming when you have a puppy like this because you really have to pick your battles there’s a time to address certain behaviors and there’s a time to ignore it and focus on teaching different things you as a person have to kind of feel that out as you go that’s what the first few months of teaching a dog are all about building the

communication and learning to understand one another and with that comes a little bit of disconnect from time to time as you guys are no doubt experiencing a little bit of am i right yes almost all destructive and unwanted behavior that you’re dealing with like potty training or chewing or digging can be solved by controlling our dog’s environment for that first six months to one year really good trainers are wonderful at controlling their puppy or dogs surroundings at all times now that means supervising them and when you can’t do that either having them on a leash yes in the house as you see Riku he has that leash on so he’s easier to get to or having them in a crate or an exercise pen or an area in the house that you’re comfortable with where your dog will be safe this is a life stages split door exercise and and this is a wonderful way to control your dog’s environment especially if you’re going to be gone several hours and they need to have a little bit more room what’s great about this exercise pen is that it doesn’t take any tools to assemble a collapse is really easy a small investment like this and a crate will probably prevent lots of damage and keep bad habits from arising in the first place it’s like their own private bedroom and you have the peace of mind knowing that your house isn’t getting destroyed you could even put your life stages crate right here and join the two so it’s super awesome you have a partial split door that means that allows you to step in without worrying about your dog bolting out but if you needed to give them food or water or anything like that for example and by the way I’ll have a link in the description on where you can look into getting this

 if you’re interested oh boy yeah there’s the play by the way he’s got sharp teeth ouch hey what’s this why don’t you bite on this instead you know when you’re dealing with play biting with a puppy it’s really important to immediately get their teeth on something that’s acceptable when your dog gets really revved up and they’re biting you like crazy that’s when you break out the food because that’s likely to give them more of a soft mouth you can see he is a bad play biter but he’s he’s really over the top right now I can feel his heart racing it’s not realistic to eliminate it but it is realistic to minimize it I’m gonna make him do a little something for it so he doesn’t think he’s getting rewarded for the biting so I’m gonna ask him to sit oh yes very nice good job we’re gonna see if we can get him to go into the exercise pen here come on and then look at that just like that he goes right in I’m gonna let him come right back out good some hot stew huh I’m gonna try and pet him without him biting me that’s my goal right now no I mean right there there was I mean that was really subtle there’s a little lick right there that’s what you look for there’s a little bit of licking to start replacing the play biting look at this I’m petting him right now I’m not getting bit there’s biting I’m gonna stop petting him I’m gonna ask him to sit yes it’s it looks really good you have to do this for weeks this is normal when you have a puppy a lot of people attribute breeds stereotypes of certain behaviors for example with Border Collies and Aussies I’ll get a lot of emails my dog keeps nipping my heels so it must be because there are hurting dogs that they do that he he nips your heels doesn’t he he’s not hurting dog you know all puppies do that you know but there are gonna be things that are unique and in many cases to breeds I don’t mean to diminish that Jonathan why don’t you show me some of the stuff you’ve taught him and let’s get lower here have you talked him up usually with a dog this young you want to be very liberal in your rewards and letting them know what you look like often just to get the habits established but that was awesome leave it and look at me is such an essential skill for dogs to learn but it’s not that common for him to learn this that young why is that so impressive because if we’re throwing something that our dog really loves a turkey on the ground and he’s getting the attention on him you have to do this before you can expect your dog to not chase another cat or squirrel or dog down the street you can see the description of this video if you need help with that it might look like

we’re teaching sit lie down up leave it and watch me but the bigger picture is we’re teaching our dog how to listen to us how to understand that’s how to build communication if you can build overall communication then you can teach your dog to do anything every dog needs to know how to stay it’s the most important skill in the world so I’m gonna kind of give you an idea of how to introduce stay now I’ll have videos in the description that will give you more information on this sit good stay yes okay get up I told him he could get up there just to make sure he knew this day was over you want a master oh one second stay before you start walking away

before you start asking them to stay when they see a dog or something like that once again here’s how it looks sit stay one two three okay good very nice that was good I was even able to pet him there without inviting me stay is very important but so is come when called now I’ll have a video in the description that will help you keep it happy keep it engaging encourage your dog to want to come – that’s the trick with this start at a nice short distance like this – make it easy that easier you make new concepts to your dog the better high-pitched voice can really really help a lot – to encourage your dog to come to you you can see in Perth up he’s like hey what’s that I definitely want to go running – that you get it anyway you as long as you’re motivating them to do it from within when you’re making it work as well letting them know with the turkey that you love it when he does that this will make you more likely to repeat this behavior in the future if people were to try and run past you you have them on a leash now if you were practicing this outside where he could really really get past you you’d want to have a lot of harness for his safety does that make sense

but I’m not too worried about him getting a lot of momentum here before we came here to shoot this video I actually made a post on Facebook asking you guys what some of the most common puppy issues you were dealing with and a number of you said things like potty training which we didn’t address in this video I’ll have a link in the description for that as well as a more detailed video on puppy biting jumping and barking another important thing to remember too with young puppies is to socialize them to get them around as many dogs and people as you possibly can create positive scenarios around all those situations to consider subscribing so you get notifications for all of my future videos consider being a patron on patreon comm slash Zach George you can contribute as little or as much as you’d like that will help us spread the word more with positive training allow us to get out in the field to do more videos just like this one click thumbs up if you enjoyed the video and tell me is your dog good when you leave the house   

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