Title generator for blog posts

title generator for blog posts

Title generator for blog posts. In this video we will be building a blog title generator in ruby and if this is your first time to the channel, make sure to subscribe for more ruby and ruby on rails content and before we get into the content. I want to shout out to scout a p.m. For sponsoring this video scout a p.m. Makes it easy to track down bugs within your code, such as n, +1, queries, memory, blue and other performance-related issues.

If you want to try out a 14-day free trial, check out the link in the description below to begin this tutorial, let’s open up the terminal and create a new directory, so let’s change directory to our blog title generator. And then I will create a new file here. Using the touch command, its create a file called vlog title generator and we will end that in the dot RB extension for ruby and now we can open up this folder in our code editor. So I’ve opened up this ruby file that we have created and we’re gonna create a class here called blog title generator.

 Next, we will define an initializer method, so the initializer method will be read before any other method in this class and we will define a second method that will do the processing of the data. So your call is creating titles in terms of workflow. When we run this script, we want to prompt the user to input some data first. So, in that case, it will be a topic or a keyword.

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