Tips for creating a successful youtube channel

Tips for creating a successful youtube channel

Tips for creating a successful youtube channel. hey, guys, it’s salmon and pulk and today we’re here to talk to you about YouTube right – so I don’t have any idea what Paul is gonna say because he wanted to make this video and he has not let me know his thoughts so I’m in it I’m gonna be here to help Jim is that I candy for this video as well as moral support and a sounding board so I’m going to do this video

because we get a question on are all of our channels that is incredibly common that I’m going to take a moment to answer today even though we’ve answered it before which is how did you get started on YouTube and then we also get an accompanying comment what I was like I want to start a channel on YouTube how can I do that or how can I be successful both really good questions so this is a weird week

because I’ve gotten a lot of information kind of a lot of pieces of information together and I’ll see if I can weave them together I’m something interesting for you so very quickly we have answered this before we ended up starting our primary youtube channel which is ps4 reviews as we have always collected toys we’ve already been involved in a collecting community and Shannon ended up doing some videos on some crafts things so she understood the mechanics of filming a video and then uploading it to youtube

so because we were opening up toys anyway for our collection she decided to film it and kind of the rest is history I mean that was like the short 30-second version of PS interviews and that’s going to be very important compacted maybe this channel polishing of life kind of grew out of that we’re able to talk about topics here that we can’t do on PS story reviews and then polish amps collector corner has had other names of just

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