Tips for christian college students

Tips for christian college students

Tips for christian college students. hi, everyone, my name is Kendra Ladak and I’m a sophomore here at Butler University and normally I make a lot of videos about life at Butler the classes here and just vlog my life today I just wanted to sit down and tell you everything I’ve learned since coming from high school to college how to stay strong in your faith and to grow closer with God during your four years in college

 I’ve come up with about 10 tips that I think are the most important things if you’re in high school to prepare yourself to make or if you’re in college to change about your life now to keep your ground in a world that might be fighting against you been fighting against everything you believe the Christian life begins with a choice to trust in Jesus but it doesn’t end

there it is a daily choice to keep trusting in Jesus and it’s the little decisions every day that determines whether you’re growing closer or farther away from God I heard it said one time that the Christian life is kind of like swimming up an uphill current because that’s the world we live in and so there’s no such thing as staying stagnant you’re either fighting and running the good race up the current or you’re falling behind you can’t just stay there without fighting

so these tips can be life-changing and life-giving and if you’re a senior in high school watching this I urge you to be intentional about the decisions you make especially your first semester of your freshman year because it can determine your path so one thing that’s gonna determine what your life looks like as a Christian in college

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