Tips for a successful mentoring relationship

tips for a successful mentoring relationship

Tips for a successful mentoring relationship, what’s up you guys so today’s video is gonna be my five tips on how to make a relationship work but first let me get ready real quick because i just woke up i slept in like super super late i was supposed to get up like two or three hours ago the entire film take it to the gym here to workout in and then pick up bri you didn’t go do some stuff but now it looks like my workouts eating how do you push back till later tonight so yeah let me get ready and then we’ll get this going shower check getting dressed check hair check deuteron check come on check keys check time to go get coffee

[applause] chick-fil-a right here super excited barely eating anything today look at that yeah i won there it is you excited bri bri out of work at 5:00 a.m. this morning she worked five to twelve yeah she’s been up a lot longer than me i said i meant to get up like eight but then slept in like three hours past that

so i’m like wide awake right now but she is not the happiest ii would still be awake right now but we are here at the mall we’re gonna go in and try to get some jeans i think as we both haven’t bought a pair of jeans like forever i probably won’t like filming there because then never is that fun walking on the camera inside a mall yeah then after that we’re gonna go get some coffee i think and then there’ll be that debris and i have been together we’ve been married now for four months and or almost four months three and a half months we have been together for almost four years

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