Things to consider when starting a church

things to consider when starting a church

Things to consider when starting a church. welcome back to worship leader Wednesday you know fuller and I and Bradford here worship tutorials we understand that ministry is in comes and goes in season the seasons and there are often times where you transition out of a role of a job you know whether your volunteer you’re paid you’re in charge you transition out you leave a church find another church and those can be difficult yes sometimes churches I sometimes churches don’t handle this

well at all or people or people now this video is not about how churches handle that but this video is about how we as worship leaders can start well start depression at a new set of the new church in a new season and fuller you basically have a formula for this that we’re going to that we’re gonna get into in this video [Music] you might be transitioning into a new role at a new church you know you just got hired yeah and we’re gearing this towards worship leaders who are kind of coming in and taken over right so I mean you can also apply this as a person

ust kind of like joining the team but this is specifically for those of you who are kind of leaving and going into a new season at a new church where you’re in charge now so you’re kind of walking in ground zero um this can be a scary thing it can be very scary it also can be like make-or-break because the way you do this will set the trajectory for your future yeah and it’ll set the expectations as well so I have a three-part process we talked about this in the worship manual but we’re gonna give you kind of the Cliff Notes version of this the first thing to do is nothing yeah which is probably

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