is the google pixel 3a a good phone ? nmrstory

 is the google pixel 3a a good phone
google pixel 3a

is the google pixel 3a a good phone ? it seems like in recent years and you  .guys may have noticed this too that the  .prices of phones have really skyrocketed  .while the actual feature sets haven’t  .really seemed to catch up which is why I  .think a lot of budget phones these days  .have really become popular because they  .do a lot of the same stuff that the  .flagships do at a fraction of the price  .

and I think companies are starting to  .wise up to this offering budget options  .including what I’m going to be talking  .about today which is the pixel 3a since  .its initial release which is a couple  .months ago yes I know this video is a  .little bit late but that does allow me  .to tell you in this video that this  .thing has been really popular  .apparently doubling Google’s pixel sales  .so people clearly like it and depending  .on the pricing and features of the  .upcoming pixel for flagship you might  .decide that this is still going to be  .

the better option for your budget and  .what you’re looking for in terms of  .features so this is really an  .interesting phone we can talk about now  .full disclosure this phone was sent to  .me by Google as part of their team pixel  .promotional campaign I’m not really sure  .what it is but I didn’t pay for this  .phone just know that but I’m not going  .

to sugarcoat anything if I hate  .something bad I’m gonna tell you if I  .love something about it obviously I’ll  .tell you that too and as a side note you  .might have noticed this is a different  .case they sent this along with it it’s  .like a fabric type case as opposed to  .like a clear plastic like you might  .normally see on every other phone I  .

think it’s a very interesting looking  .feeling case I like the way it feels  .especially it’s not like a felt at all I  .hate the feeling of felt this is almost  .like a hard rigid fabric it just feels  .nice I think so first we can go over the  .bare basics and the first thing to  .understand is that there’s two models of  .this the regular 3a and the 3/8 XL the  .

3a is the one I have with me and that  .costs $399 and the 3a XL is $479 and one  .thing I like is that the specs between  .the sizes are pretty much the same so if  .you prefer a smaller phone the way it  .fits in your hand like I do with a  .smaller one you don’t have to sacrifice  .better specs except for the battery of  .course because it’s physically larger  .and then of course the other main  .difference will be the screen size so  .

with the 3a the specs are that it has a  .5.6 inch display it’s OLED and it’s 2220  .by 1080 resolution and it’s a 3000  .milliamp hour battery  .the three Axl is a 6-inch display also  .OLED and it’s 2160 by 1080 with a 3700  .milliamp hour battery and yes those  .resolutions are correct strangely enough  .I even double-checked on Google’s  .

website the larger pixel actually has a  .slightly smaller resolution I’m gonna  .assume it has to do with the panel’s  .available and which ones they could get  .to fit it in the budget but still  .strange but yes it’s correct on both  .phones the processor is a Snapdragon 670  .it’s eight cores and runs at two  .gigahertz both phones have 64 gigabytes  .as the only storage option no expandable  .storage pretty interesting they both  .have 4 gigabytes of RAM yes they have a  .headphone jack and also a USB C port but  .it is only USB 2.0 keep that in mind  .though I think most phones are kind of  .like that and then it also has a  .fingerprint sensor on the back and many  .of these specs are actually really  .similar to the flagship equivalents so  .it’s not like you’re losing a ton of  .specs here it’s a very similar battery  .capacity actually the 3a models have a  .slightly larger battery capacity than  .even the pixel 3 you get the same amount  .of RAM you have same base storage  .capacity and you have similar screen  .

resolutions the real main big difference  .is going to be the slower processor but  .it still works fine and you’re getting  .this remember at half the price of the  .flagship though there are a couple other  .notable features that are missing  .compared to the flagship for example  .there’s no wireless charging and no  .water resistance rating so anyway those  .are just the specs now let’s get into  .the actual review part and we can first  .

start talking about the screen because  .that’s the one thing you’re gonna be  .looking at the most being an OLED screen  .it’s gonna look good especially with  .contrast and screen these days even  .budget ones have come a long way so I  .think you’ll be happy with the screen no  .matter what I personally think it looks  .just as sharp as any other high-end  .phone the colors look pretty accurate  .though you can boost the saturation in  .the display settings if you want for  .example I like to have it on the boosted  .

setting so it just looks a little bit  .nicer without going overboard like the  .adaptive mode is but then the natural  .one kind of looks a little bit bland  .when you’re coming from the boosted  .setting so this is about in the middle  .

and also having a relatively high pixel  .density you’re not  .really be able to see the individual  .pixels unless you like really put your  .eye right next to the phone so you’re  .fine there but next I really want to  .talk about the cameras this is my  .favorite part of any pixel phone so I’m  .gonna probably spend a little bit more  .time on it than the other stuff first  .the basics the front-facing camera is an  .8 megapixel F 2.0 lens and the back is a  .12 point two megapixel F 1.8 lens but  .the real magic behind the pixel cameras  .

is the software I believe Google has put  .a ton of machine learning and AI and the  .processing of this images so the  .processing is really where the  .awesomeness comes from I would  .definitely say that Google pixel cameras  .are the best by a long shot  .in the phone market and you are getting  .basically the same exact camera and  .processing as you would with the  .flagship pixel 3 which is amazing at  .this price point and then along with  .that you’re gonna get the same software  .features as the flagship for example  .these super zoom which is kind of like  .an enhanced digital zoom and the  .

nitesite which improves the low-light  .capabilities now this phone takes  .amazing pictures in general and we can  .start off with some tests in ideal  .lighting conditions and then some in not  .so ideal lighting conditions which is  .the more interesting one so the first  .test I did was a couple shots of a  .flower bed and again this was in bright  .light the sun’s shining and it pretty  .much did look like it had the same exact  .amount of detail as what I compared it  .to which was the iPhone access I then  .wanted to try the super zoom feature  .which apparently uses AI to enhance the  .digital zoom so normally of course you  .have the optical zoom which uses  .physical lens lenses moving to zoom  .something in but a digital zoom is  .basically just kind of cropping it and  .expanding it but apparently Google uses  .AI to make it better  .so I wanted to test that out but when I  .tested it I didn’t personally find there  .

to be much of a difference so I took a  .picture of this statue looking thing I  .did one with a super zoom where I zoomed  .it all the way with that feature and  .then I also took just another regular  .picture and then cropped it and zoomed  .it myself and didn’t really seem to find  .any noticeable difference in detail or  .anything like that to me they pretty  .much looked exactly the same and it  .definitely could not compete with the  .iPhones physical ii camera which has a  .longer focal length lens so obviously  .

digital zoom is never gonna be able to  .compete with a physical second lens  .however going back to the camera in  .general a Ken  .capture a crazy amount of detail for  .example I went to this art installation  .thing and they had like thousands of  .thousands of strings going from the top  .of the bottom of the ceiling and you can  .actually zoom in and see individual  .strings it doesn’t kind of just blur  .together which is not only really  .impressive that it was able to capture  .that much detail in the first place on  .

the sensor but also because it was able  .to actually compress the image and  .retain that detail which a lot of times  .is an even bigger challenge but it was  .able to pull it off and you can zoom in  .and it retains a lot it’s really good  .but where the camera on the pixel 3 a  .really shines is in non-ideal lighting  .conditions and I’m talking like high  .dynamic range low light situations it  .really does well I had a great example  .the other day where there was an awesome  .looking sunset  .there was like multicolored sky with  .lots of clouds and little wispy clouds  .in the middle it was awesome looking and  .

I was like this is the perfect chance to  .really test these cameras to their  .limits so when you zoom in and go  .full-size you can see that it pretty  .much retains all the detail in the  .clouds and the sky behind it super  .impressive if you compare this for  .example to the iPhone XS you can see on  .that phone the clouds look a lot blotch  .here and look here where the sky area  .behind the finer clouds kind of retain  .

no details just a flat Orange they look  .blown out so not super great looking  .there but with the pixel you not only  .see the much more smaller cloud pieces  .they retain those cloud details but you  .can actually see the color gradients of  .the sky behind those clouds it’s not  .just blown out now hopefully the YouTube  .

compression is going to be able to  .retain the detail of these slight or  .gradients but I’m sure you can at least  .see the blotchiness difference and that  .the iPhone picture is much more blown  .out and doesn’t retain as much detail in  .the clouds while the pixel can hopefully  .you can at least get a general idea  .there and this is a pretty extreme case  .so I am really impressed with how these  .turned out I also tried the nitesite  .mode here it didn’t really seem to make  .much of a difference I’m not sure if  .this is the ideal situation where you  .would need to use the nitesite in any  .case I didn’t really notice a big  .difference here in terms of detail just  .that it had a slightly different color  .balance which might have been a little  .bit more accurate compared to what I  .actually saw in real life  .now as for some other  .features because this is OLED it has the  .ability to have an always-on display  .

which is nice so you’ll have the the  .clock there and any notifications and  .then also this 3a does retain the  .ability to squeeze to activate the  .Google assistant which is not as  .gimmicky as it seems if you’re gonna be  .using the Google assistant a lot then  .you’re already holding the phone you  .squeeze it it’s not that bad  .and being an Android phone and a pixel  .phone at that the Google assistant is  .the google pixel 3a a good phone

really well integrated it can control a  .lot of the stuff on the phone and the  .Google assistant is leagues ahead of any  .other AI system out there it really  .blows that the doors off everything else  .so if you’re looking for the best AI  .assistant a Google assistant is not  .gonna disappoint of course you can get  .Google assistant on other phones it’s  .just gonna be better integrated with the  .pixel now as for user experience and  .actually using the phone  .first of all yes this is a very fast  .phone even though it’s not the top-end  .processor I think those are for the most  .part overkill anyway so you’re not gonna  .get any lag with this I didn’t really  .experience any lag maybe a little bit  .

slower to do stuff but it’s not anything  .you would even notice unless you were  .comparing it directly so even though  .it’s not top-shelf or anything it does  .feel like it could be a flagship at  .least and because it’s stock Android  .it’s not bloated down by any custom  .skins that a lot of other phone  .manufacturers throw on or anything like  .that it really does feel nice and for  .processing power it can even run games  .pretty well so I just did a couple tests  .with like minecraft and fortnight so  .the google pixel 3a a good phone

with 49 mobile and minecraft mobile both  .ran really smooth because it’s not a  .super high-end flagship you might have  .to run it on the lower settings if you  .have the option to change the settings  .for example on fortnight it actually  .forced me to have it on the lowest  .setting but if you’re playing a mobile  .game you don’t really need to have super  .high end graphics I wouldn’t think but  .in my case I really don’t run that many  .graphics intensive games at all so this  .is not something I had an issue with but  .I think if you were at least wanting to  .run some games on it you wouldn’t have a  .problem and then as for battery life I  .found it easily able to last several  .hours of screen on time no problem even  .on near full brightness and that was  .mostly like watching YouTube videos and  .

stuff so I would say that good degree  .battery life and if you got the XL I  .would assume it would be even better  .because you get  .that extra 700 milliamp hours so I do  .like battery life on this no  .disappointments there so what are my  .overall thoughts on the pixel 3a I think  .it’s a great budget phone yes it does  .leave off some of the bells and whistles  .on the flagship phones like the wireless  .charging water resistance and the  .top-end processor but it retains what I  .think are the best features like the  .the google pixel 3a a good phone

OLED screen the camera of course and a  .good battery size in general I would say  .that pixel phones aren’t really known  .for their bells and whistles features  .anyway so the fact that they did retain  .the camera and its full glory is notable  .especially at this price tag you don’t  .have to pay the top-end price to get  .what I would consider the one feature  .that you would probably buy a pixel  .phone for besides of course the ability  .to get that stock Android which is also  .something you might really like if you  .don’t want any other skins from all  .these other manufacturers that put on  .

bloatware and stuff you don’t have to  .worry about that with the pixel now the  .pixel 3a is obviously not the only  .budget phone in town but I think if you  .went with it you would not be  .disappointed if camera quality is  .something that you prioritize you just  .love taking pictures then this is  .probably the one to go with if you don’t  .care about the camera at all then there  .might be better options out there but in  .the google pixel 3a a good phone

any case I think this is a really good  .phone and I think the sales have shown  .that a lot of people are excited about  .it too so hopefully you found this video  .helpful and entertaining if you guys  .want to keep watching the video I’d  .recommend watching next is one I made  .recently talking about Android features  .that iPhone does not have it’s more

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