The best gaming mobile phone that you dreaming

The best gaming mobile phone that you dreaming|nmr story
The Red Magic 3

The best gaming mobile phone that you dreaming. so will tells me this is a very special smartphone this smartphone in front of me is for gamers. it’s made specifically for intense smartphone gamers and the thing that I’m interested in with this product specifically is the fact that this is the first smartphone I’ve looked at that has a built-in fan like a game laptop it has an intake and a fan and it spits out hot air so it’s called the red magic three that’s right it’s kind of amazing there on the third version of this smartphone already I think we looked at number one right well Qualcomm Snapdragon a 55 high efficiency cooling fan six point six five inch ninety Hertz FHD display.

 so we’re starting to see that pop up a little more frequently now that’s the same refresh as the oneplus 7 pro it’s also got a five thousand milliamp hour battery forty eight megapixel rear camera touch sensitive shoulder triggers we’ve seen different contraptions that hook on to smartphones to give you a more ergonomic gaming experience more similar to a typical controller so what they’ve done here is they just put these little touch sensitive regions in the shoulder locations where typical controller might have them dual stereo front speakers 4d haptic vibration and game space so there is you hit a button on the side and it puts the thing into like a game mode it turns off your notifications.

 you can’t be disturbed because it’s very serious your gaming medieval combat shape look to it it looks like a shield it’s cool to the touch right away so it’s a metal construction it feels very rugged actually this is actually the intake for the fan so it sucks in cool air there and shoots out hot air over here on the side so on the same side of the device you have your power switch volume up and down and these are those shoulder buttons that I referenced you can see they’re strategically located so if you’re playing a game other side of the device there’s a pin connector this is probably for some type of accessory and then this switch I’ve topped this puts the phone into its gaming specific mode this device is for 79 USD it doesn’t look like a gonna win any awards for screen to body ratio if that is a major consideration of yours there is still a forehead there is still a chin as well quick charge power brick simple little brick you also have your USB cable type-c connector this is like a couple days old the announcement just happened for this thing very recently it’s booted up now red magic on the background it’s all it’s all very gamer friendly the sound effects listen you see what I mean Jack it’s like a cyborg type of sound.

 now this switch is what I’m interested in you hit this switch over on the side here hold baby so I guess you add games in here that you want to so you can have separate settings for each game so you can toggle your alerts for each specific title okay fin faster phone cooling when turned on there we go intelligent adjustment or rapid cooling I’m gonna put rapid cooling for maximum fan speed that’s some real fan activity that’s really interesting this is that that makes this the very first smartphone I’ve ever tried with an actual physical fan in it you can change the LED so it can flash you can select your LED effects which takes you into another section of the menu here we can have long bright or breathe settings for the LEDs here’s another convenient feature if you launch into game mode you can have it switch over to constant brightness protect here by launching into the game mode it will also toggle off the auto brightness you may have been using throughout the day without the need to go in and adjust those settings independently.

 now if I click on this little controller button presumably this is an accessory maybe it’s not available yet they did not send us this this mounts on to the actual device and gives you an analogue control so if I swipe in from the right-hand side it brings up a bunch of settings here it will also tell you your cpu temperature 31.5 Celsius GPU clock speed your network connection for D shock well download pop G because that seems to be what these these types of devices are tuned up for so let me just turn on game boost so I’m boosted up it’s in auto mode I’m gonna turn on for D shock see that supported you can customize LRT buttons according to the game interface so with the touch button on you drag the R and L to map accordingly so they map up to the trigger locations nicknamed Willy dude okay so as you can see the automatic specs setting hi based on my device that’s a great feeling for any gamer you get like a new gaming PC or something you loaded I was like we recommend high setting and you’re just like yeah that’s right that’s right gaming is serious okay my brain there we go touch button saved oh great I’m gonna be dead here come on my instinct that first one I’m punching that guy I mean I was an entirely ridiculous exchange but my instinct was to tap over here and that was it wait I can just tap up there and it it does feel more natural or comfortable I guess oh it is on it’s relatively insignificant in relationship to the audio from the game oh I’m getting shot at dead now let me see if I scroll over here I can turn it off if I want of course you’ll see the temperature right there will elevate over time it’s 36 right now what about as in actual smartphone obviously we knew it was gonna game check it out jack aggressive wallpapers it’s a more traditional kind of screen to body ratio the curve kind of almost cuts off the top corners here it’s really not a bad package for the price.

 so let’s see how it performs doing other things well if I just want to watch a video on YouTube displays nice [Music] it’s a lot closer to an actual stereo experience when compared to other phones the feeling of stereo separation does take place but in the volume Department it’s like I feel like this could be louder uh it’s weird these are tough speakers to evaluate because I like the way they sounded just not as much volume as I would like the camera I have pretty low expectations here I gotta be honest like well HDR by default pretty quick little shutter there it’s not the worst I’ve seen less you know what the camera is not bad it’s not that bad it is a single camera setup right it’ll get the job done again.

 it’s not the main focus fair amount of detail I can live with it honestly I’ve seen worse photos here will kill the lights real quick so you can see full gaming mode whoa see now people know what you’re up to they see you from across the room alright so I think it’s kind of interesting I like the idea of having these different choices exist like for different purposes that every single phone doesn’t need to just be a slab I get it this is not gonna be for everyone the styling the LEDs and whatnot is a very specific target here where I think this one shines though is on the styling it’s it’s it gives you something a bit different Willie do we should get your quick comment on this you come in and it’s the brass tacks yeah it’s also when everyone leaves at the end of the video anyways they want to know what you think what do you have to say about this I think it’s really good value mmm more than the type of specs that you get it’s basically like you said it’s kind of like a 1 plus 7 bro yeah I think it’s a pretty solid phone okay I mean does it feel solid in your opinion it feels very solid I didn’t even mention it has a headphone jack as well oh yeah I feel like a gamer might care about that you don’t get that on a oneplus yeah.The best gaming mobile phone

 so in other words will you’re telling everybody to buy it right now yes please do so basically so basically you work for you work for this company ZTE Nubia and red and red magic okay you’re getting three paychecks all right well done this episode is brought to you by drop now you may have known them as master off they design and collaborate with other brands to bring the best products at affordable prices now they came up with these headphones called the HD 58 X and their recreation of the Sennheiser 650s there’s big ear cuffs with a comfy design to go over your ears now they’re also open back which allows more air to pass through more air less sweat longer listening now I’ve been using these headphones to listen to new retro waves on YouTube now these headphones have a lot of bass and they’re really clear I think the fact that they’re really light I can actually wear them all day so far they’ve sold over 27,000 units and they have a five-star rating with over a thousand reviews now if you’re interested check out the links below oh and also new drop users get $10 off .

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