Street photography techniques for beginners

street photography techniques for beginners

Street photography techniques for beginners. when Mexico City and tonight we’re going to do street photography in low light situations and I’ll try to break down how I do it in terms of camera settings and focal lengths and hopefully we’ll get some cool photos I hope you guys enjoy this [Music] when I do street photography at night and what I suggest you should do too is to have a shutter speed around one hundred and twenty-fifth of a second have an aperture fast as you can so like 1.2 1.4 1.6 and then have an ISO between 2,000 to 6,000 somewhere around those slides that’s the only thing you need to know

and then you need to go out and shoot amigo see four-vector so about three different lenses so we can try different kinds of focal lengths but the common thing about these three lenses is that they’re all prime lenses which means usually that they can go a lot faster in terms of aperture and when we garden student streets it’s really key to have like an aperture around 1.2 4 or 1.6 to get let more light in and keep your ISO at like a decent level we’re gonna start with the portrait lens the 56 1.2 then we’re gonna go to the 35 millimeter 1.4 and lastly

we’re gonna do a wide-angle lens of 16 millimeter 1.4 and yeah then we have something to compare with [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] perdóname go vote won the photo DT your fel gente de Mexico esta bien Francie Gotham here I keep see perfecto muchas gracias Federico would you just come on in appetito can I take a photo okay okay now we’re standing here trying to find some buses that will stand still and then we will use the focal length of 56 will be the one point to to use it like as a sniper so yeah let’s see how it goes

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