Strategies to increase sales revenue

strategies to increase sales revenue
strategies to increase sales revenue

Strategies to increase sales revenue, welcome to live with Amanda I’m Amanda Patterson I’m excited to be here with you today to answer the question how do I increase revenue in this new year so if you watch my videos you’ll know I did a video the other day on how to decrease expenses so just natural that this question would come up and so we’re going to go ahead and talk about how to make more money in the new year so if there’s a couple of things that you can do that are directly quiet related and things that you can do maybe practice related then things that you can do that

are you know sort of related to those two things but not related so we’ll go through those three things so first let’s talk about client related so you can’t raise your rates on your clients I like to give my clients a couple months notice I will give them a letter send them a letter and let them know that my rates are increasing in the new year and this is what the new rate is going to be and I might share with them like I’ve done this new training or this new thing is happening in the office and this is why the rates are increasing or you can just do a standard practice that you raise your rates every so often the next thing that you can do is that you can request insurance rates to be increased you can send a letter to the insurance company and

ask them to increase your rate you can’t do that especially if you’re trained in evidence-based practices you do something really specific or you just happen to service a lot of those types of clients with with the particular insurance they will give you an increase so you want to make sure you advocate for yourself and you send those letters I recommend you send those letters every single year another thing that you can do in terms of your practice is increase the kinds of services that you do maybe it’s time for you to add groups a lot of people want to do groups it can be a really good moneymaker and

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