Social media best practices for individuals

social media best practices for individuals

Social media best practices for individuals. and now for your bonus tip video did you know that the fastest way that you can increase your engagement on your social platforms is to start to shoot video and incorporate it into your marketing mix the consumer is watching over 13 billion videos every single day it is the most active activity on the internet worldwide Facebook alone has over 8 billion videos being watched and you’ll want to feel confident that maybe some of those videos are yours with this much activity on the world wide web

we all need to be shooting videos today the consumer watches 85 percent of their videos with the sound of yes and this means that we need to be going in and editing our videos and adding captions to them just like you can do on Facebook we call this during our boot camp finishing your circles video can get five times more engagement than any other type of content that you could be publishing video can help build better relationships and Trust

 it’ll set you up as an expert in your industry video is perfect for search engine optimization and social optimization but not everyone is comfortable shooting video today so if you’re just starting to get familiar with the settings for video on your smartphone check your lighting check your sound and make yourself a list of possible videos that you could be shooting that are related to your industry often Kathryn and I hear that people don’t like the way they look or sound on video and there are lots of tips and tricks around this

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