Singing exercises for beginners

singing exercises for beginners
singing exercises for beginners

Singing exercises for beginners, hello and welcome to improve your voice my name is Darren McStay and today we’re gonna look at exercises for your voice they’re gonna help enhance it very quickly straightaway let’s get into it so these are things that I’ve gone over in different videos in different ways but their simple idea is that you can adjust yourself at the moment to have instant results that will enhance your voice first one we’re going to look at is posture and lengthening so the way you stand and the way you hold yourself affects the sound that your body makes

okay your instrument your body the way that it stands the way you hold yourself has a direct impact on the sound that you’re able to make and if you find that you’re hunched over or someone that works often sitting down in the day and you get to perform at night so you’re then you’re standing up you might want to do some adjustments to the way you hold your body because sometimes in this day and age our shoulders seem to roll forward and

we’ve become very tense in the front of our bodies and very weak in the back of our bodies and so our bodies are shaped different to what they should be so when you start to adjust your posture and consider your posture immediately you will find that the airflow is better and your voice will be easier to use so this will help with vocal strain this will help just create a fuller richer sound so what we’re going to do to kind of consider our posture

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