Self motivation tips how to motivate yourself

Self motivation tips how to motivate yourself

Self motivation tips how to motivate yourself. hey y’all is loaded and this is real woman blossom we’re all about self-love and transformation and today’s video I want to share with you guys a few tips that I use to keep myself motivated see what I realized that in this self-development journey we often go through those phases where we’re uninspired we’re unmotivated and usually all

we need is a booth so in this video I’m gonna share with you some game-changing tools that I use on a day-to-day basis to stay motivated I got your girl keep watching alright ladies so the first tool that I like to share with you is to listen to a podcast podcasts are amazing now the trick is to find a podcast that is specific to your need

 your industry that thirty minutes to an hour of intimacy is going to give you the boost that you need to reach your next level, okay so podcasts are usually successful people giving you amazing valuable advice that you can use in your everyday life so really get into the podcast movement the two that are my absolute favorite is confessions of a workaholic and that’s why Coryell she’s amazing and she gives you raw content and material about building

 brand and then there is redefining wealth by Patrice Washington and she helps you to chase your purpose and not just money and it’s such an amazing podcast so check out those two podcast ladies I promise you’re going to love them alright so total number two is to create a declaration statement what’s the declaration statement a declaration statement is a statement that sums up what you declare to be and what you declare to accomplish and 2020

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