Secret of happy married life and Have a happy married life

Secret of happy married life
Have a happy married life

Secret of happy married life. Today, chad and i are so excited – we have been wanting to do this video for a very long time and that is talked about our marriage and the some of the things that we’ve learned in our marriage. Yeah we’ve been married for just under 40 years and we feel, like we’ve figured out a few things along the way, some things that helped and things that don’t help, and we want to share those with you and with our kids and especially for our grandkids,

that someday they’ll be able to look at this here and say: yeah come on grandma wasn’t so dumb. I don’t know, but first, i want to think we both want to thank hello fresh for sponsoring today’s video a year or so ago. Ellie and jared gave us a prescription subscription a subscription subscription subscription to hello fresh, and it was just really a lot of fun because of after 40 years of meal planning, it was pretty awesome to have somebody else deliver the food i didn’t have to go shopping for it, it was delivered right to my door. I didn’t have to prepare the menu that menus were all there with the package and they took about 30 minutes to prepare and well and they’re.

By far the best meal kit, america’s number one meal kit, but they turned into being our date night and the best part is it’s like. It starts at 566, the serving nuts cheaper than going out. Well, that’s the only thing. It was good news, fun. Good date, a night no looks pretty good in the picture.

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