Running technique for overweight

Running technique for overweight

Running technique for overweight. hey, guys, I’m gonna go Kumar talks Tuesday in this video I’m a little for part 2 on my how to run as a bigger or overweight watch my first video on this topic make sure to check that out I did this video a while back and it was really popular it’s one of my most popular videos on the channel right now so go ahead and check that out before you watch this video because it has a lot of great tips over there too and if you guys don’t know me I am the Goku runner

 I do a lot of running videos I do a lot of these good query talks I lived do a lot of things so if you guys want to subscribe to my channel right now so you don’t miss the next video so let’s go over part two of my best tips for running as a bigger or overweight runner so number one is to go to a doctor and make sure you are fit enough and medically able to be able to do a running program you want to go to your doctor and tell them whatever issues are going on with you and get a blood test

 see what’s going on and let them know that you want to start running and ask them what they think about that and get your blood work and see what your baseline values are so you want to make sure you do this just so you know if something is going on but if there isn’t going on you know your baseline and then you can compare that to the next time you do doctor visit after you start running and see if you are improving or not

so that’s always a good thing to do make sure to go to a doctor and get medically cleared to do a workout program number 2 is to know if the 10% rule the 10% rule is a great rule for not only running but for lifting for cycling for walking does anything that we’re going to be increasing your physical activity this is the rule that you want to follow 10% rule means to only increase your activity by 10% so in general I would say probably a week or a month

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