Riding dirt bikes in loose sand

riding dirt bikes in loose sand

Riding dirt bikes in loose sand. in this video you’re gonna learn how to ride in the sand what’s up guys Tyler Levicy here spokes moto Park the long awaited sand riding video is here we’ve got five awesome things that are going to improve that for you all right guys I want to give you the formal invite we haven’t done this on YouTube before but we’re gonna host camps and we want you guys to come to them click the link and below we’re gonna have them at this beautiful place with multiple different tracks in eleven miles of trails call it spokes moto Park here in Lockhart Texas Mike said click click the link below to check out the dates

you come see us the first thing we’re going to talk about today is body position how does that differ from when you’re riding on tracks that have great traction and/or hard packed tracks the answer is your body weight is going to be more neutral to the back of the bike right so your standing body weights gonna be a little further back especially if the sand is really thick to get the most amount of traction to the back tire think of it like this

if you plant your body weight over the front of the bike and you’re going through really loose dirt the back tire has the option to spin more than it does to hook up if you move your hips back you put the body weight over the back tire we’re now gripping and getting the bike to drive forward that’s one really important thing is making sure the body weight moves a little further back at all times another thing is when you’re seated in the corners you don’t want to snap to the front of the bike as much as you would if you were in a rut or in more of a lomi condition the reason for this is you don’t want to push the front end out from under you in the corners by having too much weight on the front tire

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