Restaurant kitchen efficiency tips

restaurant kitchen efficiency tips

Restaurant kitchen efficiency tips. – I remember my first day on the job, I was cutting sourdough for croutons with a serrated knife, and I cut myself and bled all over– – Oh, fun! – The bread. – Did you just like keep your hand in your pocket the rest of the day? – I took my tape and wrapped it around the cut. – Oh, my God! – And just worked the rest of service. – Wow! [upbeat folk music] – I think everything I know about cooking, I first learned in restaurants. – Yeah, there’s always like a little bit of a better way to do something. – When they asked me to think of things I learned in a restaurant and I was just like, the list was this long. So I have to narrow it down to one. – I don’t really consider, I’m not like, a chef! – Yeah. – You know what I mean? Like, I’m not running a restaurant. Those guys are insane.

– I got to kind of see the whole life cycle of ingredients, going from deciding what to order, receiving stuff, understanding what to look for, how to weigh things, how to put things away. – When I started to cook, before I had ever worked in a restaurant, I thought I knew what I was doing and the day that I stepped into a restaurant for the first time, I learned very quickly that I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t cooking in a tight, organized, thoughtful, methodical way until I kinda got sent to bootcamp in a restaurant.

I think the number one thing that I’ve taken away from working in restaurants is the importance of mise en place. Which means in French, put in place, and it essentially refers to the time you spend before actually jumping into cooking a dish, or cooking through a recipe. Getting yourself organized, prepping out all of your ingredients so that you can cook through fluidly, and you’re not frantically jumping around, things are on the stove. You get yourself organized, you get all your ingredients your mise en place set and ready to go and then you can calmly cook through the recipe.

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