Real simple fashion guide

real simple fashion guide

Real simple fashion guide. hey guys welcome back to my channel I wanted to talk about some styling tips and fashion hacks today that I used most of the time and I only say most the time because I feel like in fashion there should be no rules wear what you want and like what you feel like the most comfortable and confident I just wanted to give you some like reminders if you’re looking in your closet or if you have an outfit and like something’s just a little bit off about it

then you can make like quick easy adjustments just to make your life a little bit easier and yeah I hope you guys like this video leave me some styling tips down below the first tip is to repurpose your outfit like this outfit I don’t wear enough it’s too tight the fitting is a little bit off and yeah I probably wore once so I’m layering it with a sweater or jacket and just makes it more wearable tip number two is to dress for your body I had bought these jeans a long time ago from Levi’s I spent a lot of money on them but they just completely flattened me out

yeah I have like zero button these they’re very tight on the thighs I love the look of these mom jeans but these do nothing for me in comparison to the tight skinny jeans I don’t know why then we’ll be on to these tip number three is balanced we have a loose top and then a loose bottom and it makes me look boxy I have no shape so if I tuck in a skirt and make the top tighter and then have a tighter top and then a looser bottom it just gives more balance if there’s a lot more flattering to your body you can also tuck it under your bra or tie

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