Proper chipping technique to break 90

proper chipping technique
proper chipping technique

Proper chipping technique to break 90, so if I offered to take four or five shots off your score every week when you’re playing I bet you would bite my hand off right away everybody I’m Matt frier PGA golf professional and in today’s lesson we’re looking at how to break 100 but even if you are breaking 100 break in 94 eighteen eighty some of these tips might help you might refresh your memory a little bit and help you lower those scores just like to say if we could take five shots off the game I think we’d all be a lot happier one we’re signing our name on the end of the scorecard each round let’s have a look at the

first tip to help us lower our golf scores okay so if we are looking to break that 100 barrier first things first the part of the course and the power of the holes more importantly change to what you see on the scorecard or on the tee box here on the 15th that warrington it’s a par-5 when I speak to a lot of my lessons who are in this category you know weekend golfers Society golfers or beginner golf is trying to break that elusive 100 mark so that’s par-5 soft I’ve got to get it down there I’ve got to be on the green for three and I’ve got to try and make that to put to see that I make par that’s not the case here it’s a 71 power at Warrington so that means if I’m 29 over par su-100 so I need to shoot 28 over par which means that I can have 18 bogeys and(Proper chipping technique to break 90)

 10 double bow well 10 double bogey sorry and the rest all being bogeys so then I can actually shoot 99 and a broke 100 so first things first when we get to the power of the hole add the appropriate amount onto it add a shot onto it a par-5 is going to become a par 6 a par 4 is now going to become a par 5 and a part 3 a par 4 don’t try and push yourself and give it too much to make sure that you’re getting these par fives and par fours if you get one brilliant but you actually use the shots that we’ve got allocated to give ourselves a little buffer okay so tip number one with that little mental caveat out of the way what I tend to see a lot of people do is not play to how they naturally play

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