Professional lawn mowing techniques

professional lawn mowing techniques

Professional lawn mowing techniques. y’all was going on so we’re at this place here doing the lawns just looking a bit dry well this is being cut but she’s looking a bit dry just quite surprising and we had all that rain and but all of a sudden she’s starting to dry up again we didn’t have 40 degrees last week I sort of made this but but I want to show you this because this is my fault what’s not my suppose it could be my fault so I should be carrying Spears eh so what happened is a stick got caught in here if through the belt off so the belt came off and so I’ll put the belt on but we’ve got all the chunks out of it

yeah so I’m not too sure how long this belts gonna last and I rang up rang up my dealer the shot there’s another chunk out of here somebody but it’s more for me and I should be carrying carrying speeds which belts may not die sometime carries Spears like I had a spear for this one and this is the spear one on on it but I never I never ordered it another one that I so I didn’t order another one and now it’s gonna take a week or a few days for the for another belt to come in so we got heaps of work to get through this week and that’s going to put me behind i

f I can’t keep this this belt back on so on I’ve got it cool hold on finish this one off formal jobs do that uh what a service campus but off front of a school campus front of a school and in two residential homes finish this one off so put a bit on today just by hierba trying out these with us tool for the next couple of jobs I’m going to finish off the last two jobs on my own you know I got to get going there obviously for the table

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