Photoshop tips and tricks for beginners

photoshop tips and tricks for beginners

Photoshop tips and tricks for beginners. so 16-bits better than 8bits or do you think 8-bits as a more practical choice than 16-bits well that’s a conversation to be later jumped upon however I need to show you some shocking demonstrations first have a look at this photo so this my friend is an 8-bit image if we go to image mode have a look 8 bits is checked now you’re gonna do some extreme curves in it click on the adjustment layer icon and then choose curves now you’re gonna take the rightmost point down extremely

let’s choose the output to about 10 all right let’s create one more curves adjustment layer click on the adjustment layer icon and then choose curves now I have made it very dark let’s bring the brightness back by taking the rightmost point to the left at the top what was the output then right so this time set the input to 10 what do you see artefacts right Bandung right a lot of these problems here and there how do you fix that well if we simply change the mode the 16-bit have a look at the magic get ready for the magic image mode and then 16-bit well that turned out to be an epic fail

 did it really if you zoom in have a look that was actually photoshop’s fault at how it renders images when you zoom it out but if you look at it as sixty six point seven or even hundred percent there are our home artefacts however if you change it back by going to image mode and then eight bits see these artefacts right in there let’s go to image mode and change it back to 16 bits all of it has gone this example just showed you that when you’re working with a lot of curves when you’re doing a lot of color manipulations or brightness manipulations

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