Photography techniques list,tips for taking professional headshots

Photography techniques list
Photography techniques list

Photography techniques list, okay I think you’re gonna like this one because we have a little test for ya one Shakin bacon I’m Joanie Simon welcome to my studio this is where I do food photography and the goal here is to improve your food photography skills so you can feel confident behind the camera and today we’re continuing in our series from the complete guide to macro and close-up photography as a part of the bite shot book club so this is the third installment

if you missed the first two weeks you’ll feel free to go watch those I’ve got them linked down below but this week we are jumping into Page let’s see – page 210 we’re gonna have a little fun today and we’re also gonna talk a little bit about lighting be sure to stay until the end though because I am launching a quick-fire photo challenge and you don’t want to miss that and so on page 210 it’s all about abstract subjects and abstract subjects this is a fun area to play with I’ve already seen some of you over on Instagram playing with this the idea that we’re getting so close up to that subject that we no longer see the entire subject but we’re honing in on a particular texture or

the way the light is playing with a particular surface or a design or some sort of pattern that’s in that subject it almost takes on sort of this like fine art sort of feel right because it’s no longer about the subject it’s much more about the pattern and the visual aesthetic of what’s being created in the frame and there are some great examples here in the book like the detail close-up of a sponge where you’re looking at the photo and you’re like what is that and

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