When you’re tired but food is life

when you’re tired but food is life. If you’re a real foodie, you know there’s nothing better than an ice-cold, delicious ice cream bar. Hey Vicky, want a taste? Woah! That’s way more than a taste, girl! One thing’s for sure: if you love food, you don’t always love to share. Whether you eat to

This could be the best PC

This could be the best PC. the Acer ConceptD 7, and it is a different type of laptop. Back at Computex, Intel showed us a few new systems that were specifically designed for creators. For years, if you wanted a laptop that could do real work, you were pretty much left with two options. On

The most POWERFUL laptop 2020

The most POWERFUL laptop 2020. Yeah, the actual world’s most powerful laptop. ASUS was kind enough to sponsor our trip out here to IFA in Berlin, where they’re showing off the StudioBook One. Now, I would love to show you the StudioBook One. However, I mean, that one’s being used, and that one’s being used.