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 new android 10 update features
new android 10 update features

new android 10 update features . how’s it going guys I’m Theo Joe and if .you didn’t realize Android 10 has just .dropped from Google so we’re gonna talk .about what I think are the 10 biggest .features in Android 10 .there’s several really good ones now if .you have a pixel phone this should be .available immediately as an over-the-air .update if you check for it if you have .another manufacturer this might take a .few weeks to potentially even a few .months but still we can go over these .features and you can get excited about .and keep in mind these are not going to .

be in any particular order so let’s get .started so first up we have one that a .lot of people have been waiting for .which is dark mode you can now enable .that in the settings this is one that a .lot of people simply prefer but also if .you want to get potentially better .battery life than having dark mode on .and having those pixels off with an OLED .screen especially then this might .preserve your battery significantly .longer depending on how you’re using the .phone so you have a couple advantages .with it now next up is native support .

for folding phones I know a lot of .people do not have folding phones I .personally think they’re kind of a .gimmick at this point but maybe in the .future when they get a lot thinner .who knows and at least Android will be .ready when they potentially do become .more mainstream we’ll have to see but if .you do have a phone that’s folding .already maybe it’ll work better next up .we have a new feature for privacy .new android 10 update features

control specifically how apps can use .location data so similar to how iOS .works you’ll now have a new pop up .anytime or the first time an app .requests a location data and it’ll give .you the option to either always allow .the app to use the location data only .allow it to use it when the app is .running so it won’t run in the .background or you can just deny it so if .you’re really privacy conscious or you .want to save that battery life you don’t .want something checking the location .date in the background all the time .you’re now a lot more control over that .the next feature is focus mode and this .new android 10 update features

is something different than Do Not .Disturb so do not disturb mode just kind .of mutes all notifications .whereas focus mode allows you to .specifically customize whether you want .some apps to be able to show .notifications and other apps not to be .able to so you can focus on a certain .task so maybe if you want to have it .like your focus mode like work mode then .you’ll only get notifications from .work-related apps like your email or .something like that .we then .have a new feature called family link .which basically improves parental .controls and allows parents to control .how much screen time their child or .whoever will have in not just the whole .phone itself but like individual apps .and if they want to they can grant bonus .

time so like if they finish their .homework then they can have bonus time .for the day or something like that so .you have a lot more control over that .and you can also limit the individual .apps so you don’t want them on Instagram .all the time or you don’t want them .watch too many YouTube videos whatever .you have a lot more control over it all .right next up we have a pretty cool one .for customizing a look of Android and .that is new theming options so you can .do things like customize the accent .color or the font and the icon shapes of .stuff and so for example if you look at .this and you want to choose the color .that all changed things like the .brightness bar color the active toggles .in settings menus or also the quick .settings menu icons that sort of thing .you can change the color of all that and .

I know this setting is at least .available in the developer options so .it’s a little bit hidden away so it .might not be completely fleshed out it .might not work 100% everywhere but at .least the feature is there if you want .to change it around and customize your .Android look a little bit more all right .up next we have a new accessibility .feature called live captioning which .basically allows the system to .transcribe any audio throughout the .

system so it’s not like if you’re just .watching a YouTube video and use that .captioning now no matter what video .you’re playing whether it’s in a .recorded video yourself or an Instagram .or on YouTube you can now go into the .accessibility options enable this .feature and then tap the accessibility .icon when you want to activate it and it .will start transcribing the audio from .the system and just write it out what it .thinks is going on so this might be good .for people who are hard of hearing .they’re deaf or even people who might be .in a meeting or something and they want .to watch a video or they and they don’t .

want other people knowing that they’re .trying to watch a video you’re just in a .quiet environment and you don’t want to .disturb people around you that sort of .thing and you might not have headphones .with you so I think this could be a .pretty useful feature not just from an .accessibility standpoint but from just .useful .in general all right we got a few more .so the next feature is called Smart .reply but it’s not just for replying the .things but really suggesting certain .actions based on like incoming text .messages so say you got a text message .that includes and address in it it’ll .give you a few options like either .

replying with a thumbs up emoji or .whatever or it’ll give you the option to .open that in Google Maps so you see the .address coming through you’re expecting .it you don’t have to go into the text .message app and copy it and then go to .paste it into Google Maps it’ll .automatically suggest that action and .then you can go right to it so that .could be pretty useful depending on the .different actions it’s capable of all .right moving on we have another feature .called sound amplifier which I believe .is another technically accessibility .feature but basically the idea is you .plug in headphones and it will amplify .the area around you kind of like hearing .aids I guess but it also can do noise .reduction so if you’re wearing .headphones and you use this noise filter .ability as part of this feature then .potentially it would act like noise .cancellation even if you don’t have .noise cancellation headphones so it’s .

kind of like a double feature here .either just purely amplifying the stuff .around you if you can’t hear stuff or .filtering out the noise around you so it .kind of does both it’s a cool feature .not sure how many people are gonna .really use this but maybe you want to .check it out at least now you know about .it alright finally in Android 10 we have .some new gesture navigation features so .kind of like with iOS you can now use .your thumb to gesture around to navigate .through Android whether you’re going .back in an app or changing apps so .

specifically if you want to switch apps .and bring up the apps which are real .quick you can swipe up and over and .that’ll bring up the app switcher or .just go back to the previous app if you .swipe from the left side that’ll go back .within the app and you can also swipe up .to go home like you might in iOS if .you’re familiar with that so these are .pretty useful I personally do mostly use .an iPhone and I’m really used to using .

that so it is convenient way to switch .between apps it’s something you .completely get used to you don’t even .have to think about it so it definitely .is nice so those are just 10 really cool .Android features that we just got in .Android .if you want to keep watching the next .video I recommend is a video I made .talking about Android features that .

iPhone does not have so that should be .pretty interesting especially if you’re .an iPhone user or an Android user alike .if you want to watch that video I’ll .just have a little thing right here you .can just click on that so thanks so much .for watching guys and I’ll see you in .the next one ..

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