Multimedia content creator job description

multimedia content creator job description

Multimedia content creator job description. everyone welcome back to my channel for those of you who are new here I’m Aquila and today I am joined by my husband Abdul Malik he is my videographer my photographer my business partner my everything doer my right hand thank you wow what an intern hi everyone in today’s video we are going to be answering some of your questions about content creation

so a special thank you goes to a Radisson Blu have trained here in Sandton Johannesburg for sponsoring today’s video and allowing us to film in the beautiful space also if you are watching this you are of course an aspiring concentrate or maybe you’ve already started and on that note, if you’re looking for more help we have a very exciting announcement coming in this video so keep watching keep following the Q&A; and you’ll know it when you hear it

so if you want to find out more about digital content creation keep watching so question number 1 how do you start at a low cost but achieve a high-quality look ok so firstly the most obvious option is you can use your phone anything especially when it comes to iPhone iphone7 an app as an amazing customizable camera and a really good microphone if you are creating videos then we always sway by using a Lightroom Mobile which is a free app you can customize your lighting

 your colors and bring out the quality as well and then if you would like you can purchase presets which or filters that you can install into the app and achieve a certain look we sell our like to implicit and we leave a link in the description below also you can use video a lot to add focus onto your videos it’s an app that is free and fully customizable also use a lot of natural light this always looks a lot better than artificial lighting

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