Mountain biker tips and techniques

mountain bike tips and techniques

Mountain biker tips and techniques. breakin is something we all do but it all probably loves to do a little bit less just to gain those extra seconds on the trails the pros seem to make it look effortless but I think it’s often saying overlooked by a lot of riders let’s take a little look at a few tips and tricks that we can do to improve our break in both control and gain a little speed here or there let’s start with types of breaks there’s quite a few out there to choose from but you’ll either get a mechanical break or

in a hydraulic break a mechanical is gonna be cable operated while a hydraulic brake is gonna be running fluid inside it now there’s for pot and two pot breaks neither are better than the other each both offer their own benefits pluses and minuses sort of thing you can see on my bike here I’m running the Shimano XT for pot brakes now what that means is there’s four Pistons in there two and two pushing from either side a full pot will generally give you more power but can be a bit heavier and sometimes a little grabby when not set up right on a downhill bike

you’re often going to find a full pot break combined of a larger rotor that’s to give them the most power and most breaking that they can possibly get for the steeper gnarlier trails that they’re riding on a lot of trail bikes these days you’ll find generally a two pot break sometimes a full pot up front or like this one except I’ve got a full pot front and rear there’s no right or wrong answer as to what breaks to use for what application but some are better suited than others [Music] [Applause] [Music] check out Neil and Blake here have a look at their body position you’ll notice under hard braking their weight is thrown forwards on to their arms so they really want to keep working the upper body to stay strong

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