Money saving tips young adults

money saving tips young adults

Money saving tips young adults. Hey guys and welcome back to another money tip monday, i’m your host lizzy hofer, i’m a residential loan officer here in the phoenix area, and i bring helpful money tips to help you with your smart home purchases today on money tip we’re gonna be talking all about budgeting for the new year,

How to keep up with your budget, how to motivate yourself to budget and some helpful tips and tricks that i have personally used that helped me budget throughout the last 12 years of my career. Now, before we get into that, though,

I am gonna need you to like comment and subscribe to this awesome channel so that you don’t miss some money to fund an in the future so to jump into this topic cuz. I know everybody loves budgeting right. I want to talk to you about why a budget is important, just kind of dispel some of the big roadblocks that people kind of face when it comes to you know, planning out their finances. I normally get a lot of objections where people are like.

I don’t have the time to budget or i don’t want to feel restricted or you know people really have this objection when it comes to feeling controlled, but a budget is not meant to restrict you it’s actually, it’s not a punishment. It’s actually just to show you where your money is going.

So the very first thing that i always tell anybody when it comes to their finances, is you have to know where and how you want your money to work for you right.

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