Money saving hacks for disney world

money saving hacks for disney world

Money saving hacks for disney world. hello everyone welcome to The Dream’s unlimited travel podcast my name is John Magi and I’ll be your host and in this episode Theresa Echo’s was gonna share with us her top 5 tips for saving money for a Disney vacation at the table by our panel of experts agent and Welcome Center manager for dreams unlimited travel to recycles no client services manager for dreams unlimited travel Kevin clues hi everyone agent for dreams unlimited travel bless you Kathy whirling hi everybody and back in our production facility we have our producer Craig Williams

thank you all for joining us and participating in our in our conversation about saving money for Disney we have done many shows in the past about saving money on your Disney vacation booking with discounts booking through dreams and living to travel where we will check for discounts constantly and apply them to your reservation booking with us for Disney Cruise Line shipboard credit or an Adventures by Disney early booking discount off of your reservation but often were asked that’s all great but I don’t have the money even to start to think about a Disney vacation

so we wanted to do is we wanted to come some tips to help you save some money towards the vacation doesn’t have to be Disney but we hope it will be and the last episode we did Kathy were lying shared with us her five tips this episode Theresa Eccles is going to start tell us about her five top money-saving tips for a Disney vacation so take it away Theresa go for it thank you John Magi my top tip and we’ve talked about it other people have talked about a little bit my bank does has a savings account that you can do and it’s basically

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