Minimize clutter and simplify your life

minimize clutter and simplify your life

Minimize clutter and simplify your life. hello and welcome to my channel simply this life I am Candice and I am all about minimalism simplifying trying to be more mindful in general saving money if those are things that interest you I would love it if you click Subscribe I want to give you some tips and ideas on how you can have a more clutter free home I think we all want that deep down at least thanks so much for joining me today and let’s hop right in alright number one tip is gonna seem so obvious

but I figured I’d go ahead and say it anyway declutter deep clutter get rid of excess stuff my husband and I along with our three kids recently declutter about half of our possessions we are loving the way our house is feeling how we are feeling so my number one tip is just to declutter go ahead and roll your sleeves affect take a deep breath and dive and I want to do a few videos about different little decluttering projects that take like ten

and it’s more less just to get you started cuz I know it can be really overwhelming trust me you are talking to someone who has serious anxiety over decluttering I really really do so I want to give you guys some more ideas and tips especially some projects that can get you started but just try and declutter as much as you can and that will help with the overall clutter anyway just have to say it only keep what fits nicely into a shelf a bin don’t overstuff things don’t overstuff drawers this is something that I have really appreciated as I’ve decluttered my home is having things that actually fit nicely

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