Low fat meals plan on a budget

Low fat meals on a budget
Low fat meals on a budget

Low fat meals plan on a budget. Hey, guys welcome back to my channel. My name is amanda. If you are new here and i share all kinds of food and content here on my channel like what’s for dinner, lunch videos grocery calls recipe videos things like that today, i’m doing something a little bit different, i’m gonna be sharing my monthly meal plan of for february now, this is not my first meal plan video i shared in the depth of my meal planner and how a meal probably the easy way in other videos,

So i will be linking them down below if you want an in-depth process of how a meal plan, so this just gonna be quick me going through the book and meal planning with you guys. So this month is pretty busy for us there’s valentine’s day. There’s my birthday and there’s my husband’s birthday and there’s the super bowl. So there’s a lot of things that go in february, so i don’t have like every single day filled out and i have a lot of days like we’re gonna eat out and stuff like that.

So the first thing i always like to do is go in and mark all the holidays that are gonna occur during the month. So i don’t like to write what the whole holiday or what the whole event is on my meal planner and like crowded up. So all i do is put a little line thereto. Let me know hey. I have to check my other calendar for one. This day, so that i know you know it’s a meal plan around it, i also check my youtube calendar, because if i have any collabs coming up or anything special that i have to make, i can often incorporate that into dinner. But i’m gonna give you like a quick rundown in case you don’t want to check out the other videos.

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