Long running time travel program

long running time travel program
long running time travel program

Long running time travel program. So so happy that in 2020 my third goal race at the air good morning lee and welcome back to china. Welcome to our final day in the beautiful sunny andalusia in the south of spain, we’ve got an action-packed video coming up for you today, because again we’re heading out into the hills you see behind us, we’re not behind us we’re heading down to a new part of spain we’ll chat about that in a minute and yeah two big announcements coming up in today’s video one.

I’m excited about some really good news as it just okay, so we’ve driven for about an hour and a half to a town, just north of the sort of the big city of marbella, and i don’t know how to pronounce it. That is oj e n. So or gen but yeah, i’m sure unless, as many people know exactly where we are yeah, just driven up to a little bit of attitude, because here we’re gonna be heading up into the mountains so yeah. This route that we found is part of a race called the cam sierra blanco. I think it’s cool. I brought the details down below in the notes anyway, yeah, so we’re just going to be doing around about 22 k, garmin saying about 1800 meters of elevations.

That is quite a lot i didn’t realize. It was quite that, but it’s gonna be quite a tough run today yeah then we just have a chat about how we plan these trips traveling abroad. What we bring and just how we set up this whole thing, how we find races abroad, traveling going on planes and all that sort of thing if you think of taking a running holiday about the first 10k. Isn’t all uphill t’s we’re very tough opening bit to this one, but that’s over here to get strong, get fit and get in shape for all these amazing races, we’ve got coming upright, no time to dilly-dally around –, okay, say we’re about three and a half.

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