Long distance air travel tips

long distance air travel tips

Long distance air travel tips. Hey my name is rachel glad you could make it so i’m going on a little trip this weekend i thought i’d make a video about my travel tips when you’re on a medical medium lifestyle this will be mainly focused on like air travel but yeah let’s get into it so first of all when i’m going to the airport you know that time before i leave in the morning i try to just like get in as much of my normal routine as possible make sure to have my celery juice and like you know i have my aloe drink in the morning whatever your normal routine is and then when you get to your supplements like

i specifically i take zinc everyday and if i’m gonna be going to the airport i’ll take extra zing just to give myself an immune boost and i try to eat a decent meal before i go to the airport because from then on i’m gonna be eating pretty light so for me when i’m on the airplane like i don’t want to feel super full like my stomach tends to get all like bloated and weird with the elevation of being on airplane – that’s pretty common for people your stomach gets upset occasionally i can get a little bit nauseous so like i don’t want to be like super stuffed at all there for me

i just tried to eat a decent meal beforehand so i’m not like starving when i go to the airport and so i’m packing some things in my carry-on bag i bring my own reusable water bottle i always travel with my own water bottle and when i get to the airport there’s these fill up stations at most airports it seems and i use that to fill up my water bottle i know some people will be like it’s not the cleanest water and like yeah it’s not as gonna be as clean as my berkey but for me i feel comfortable with having you know one day using it i think i’ll be okay we’ll get too many heavy metals and you know i feel comfortable with it if you’re not comfortable with that fiji water i think it’s the cleanest bottled water that you can find in normal places like the airport i think fiji is that starbucks

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