Law of attraction success stories money

law of attraction success stories money

Law of attraction success stories money. hey guys it’s Annie and today’s video has been highly requested for a while you’ve been asking for more videos on visualization and then I asked you guys like have you watched my other visualization videos and you’re like yeah but we want more so I’m giving the people what they want so you’re welcome thumbs up for that for any of you who might be new here thinking like who is this girl why should I listen to her what it what does she know I will say this my people have heard this a billion times but for the record just a few years ago I was depressed

I rapidly gained 30 pounds I was broke my main source of income was babysitting for $10 an hour I was in toxic friendships toxic relationships and just all-around not in the greatest place and then compared to now my life has completely changed I am independent very financially stable I’m a life coach and just overall really happy with everything in my life and it all started when I got into personal development and started reading books and I got into the law of attraction and manifestation and using the tools that I still use today that have really turned

my life around speaking of personal development I’ve been on like a giveaway kick and have been giving away personal development books I’m gonna do another giveaway in this video but stay tuned to the end we’ll get into that anyway enough of this intro let’s talk about visualization so in case you don’t know what visualization means it’s exactly the way it sounds it’s vividly visualizing what you want for your life closing your eyes picturing it clearly what does it look like what does it feel like and that’s something that I used to do every single day

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