Kemper stage tips and tricks

kemper stage tips and tricks

Kemper stage tips and tricks. well hello there my name is Hwa I’m the sous-sous we’re talking about de lai lai lai lai lai it’s really good look we even named the performance de lai lai lai lai and and and I don’t want to point out my own genius here but the first word is full of capital Laius fully capped look then just a capital first letter then all the way down it’s like delay small in written form wow I could have made it as an author hey you and I were talking about delay and we dialed in some really great delay sounds and I think this is five delay sounds that you should be using yeah and

 it’s five that are super easy to get on the kemper so easy you can download it down there or up there and and then and if you haven’t already please smash the like button smash it and and also hit subscribe that really helps to YouTube in the Facebook algorithm but let’s get into delay five delays that people should be using or should be aware and turn how to use them yeah so there’s slap rock dual solo and quad let’s get into it let’s break it down slap back delay is the aha moment when you realize delay is just really slow reverb or reverb is just really fast delay

 you know the main relationship yeah right right so doubt slap back you’re playing the beginning play it again we’ve got no reverb on here’s the dry guitar here’s with the delay on [Music] beautiful it sounds verb’ yeah but it’s delay right how do we do it it’s a high mix maybe almost 100 percent mix like or well on some units that would be 50 percent mix so we’re the normal you the normal repeat is as high as the initial and then we usually go for a shorter delay time here we got like 142 milliseconds feedback clack that guitar okay look at that it’s just

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