Is healthcare one word

is healthcare one word
is healthcare one word

Is healthcare one word. Did you know that 48.5 million Americans consume illegal drugs or prescription drugs that are abused in 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

 In the same year, there were about 66,000 overdose deaths, of which two-thirds were illegal or prescription opiates. Hello, I’m Dr. Eugene Sun, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Mexico. 

Substance abuse can include underage drinking, alcohol dependence, abuse or prescription of non-medical or non-prescription drugs, tobacco and the use of illegal drugs. 

Statistics show that the costs of drug abuse in relation to human health are very high. It is also important to know that adolescent drug use is a common and growing problem. Studies show that in two-thirds classes students experience alcohol and half of the cannabis grades 9-12. 

I estimate that 11% of the total alcohol consumed in the US is consumed by children under the age of 12 to 20 years. Much of what happens when drinking alcohol.

Substance consumption can affect brain growth and development among adolescents and cause changes in brain function in areas responsible for memory, motivation, learning, judgment, and behavior. 

These changes can then lead to mental and physical health problems, poor school performance and participation in the justice system.

The many additional effects of drug abuse include several other physical, mental, social and social health problems, including teenage pregnancy, transmitted diseases, domestic violence, car accidents, crime, and physical violence.

Including murder and suicide. Overall, drug use and abuse in the US is associated with at least several hundred thousand deaths per year. 

Deaths, accidents, including motor vehicle accidents, overdoses, intentional self-injury and alcohol-related diseases, including alcohol-related liver disease and cirrhosis. 

This is a great time to learn more about drug abuse and how to help friends or loved ones. Raising awareness and reducing the stigma of drug abuse is an important part of eliminating the problem.

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